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The Library

Once upon a time, I got in a fight with the New York Public library. I know what you are thinking. How in the world Mae did you end up in a fight with an institution that has lions guarding … Continue reading

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A month of celebrating

My father had his 90th birthday this week.  We’ve been celebrating for a month.  It was my sister Lisa who decided to have small celebrations to commemorate his long and wonderful life.  More to the point, he likes to fill … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Greenport

I like a good cup of coffee to start my morning and my preference is to go to a small local shop.  This can be tricky as a good barista is truly an artist.  Greenport didn’t disappoint.  Aldo’s Cafe had … Continue reading

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Taking Highway 25 all the way to the end….

I took a mini vacation this week and escaped the routines of my life for what seemed only a moment.  It was really three days.  Tuesday I followed 25 to the very eastern end of Long Island.  It took me … Continue reading

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Rich died 23 years ago today. He died of AIDS. I remember it like it was yesterday. His partner Chris died maybe a year earlier.  They were a power couple on the rise in the corporate world with that winning … Continue reading

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Summer Fun Begins

Fun. I’m having it. Up until this evening the past few days were what you dream of when you think of summer. No humidity. The temperature warm on the edge of hot. Just perfect and you can’t help but smile. … Continue reading

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Iron Mae Month

I declared June “Iron Mae Month.” It sounds more daring and powerful than it really is.  I decided to concentrate on my health this month.  Really watch what I eat and make sure that exercise every day.    I bought a … Continue reading

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