My life in an instant can only be captured with instant film.  What’s in my bag?

SX70 Polaroid Land Camera – this is my primary camera for this site.

440 Polaroid Land Camera


Questions that have been asked:

Where do you get film for the Polaroid SX 70?  The Impossible Project Website is a good place to buy the film as well as the camera.  They have stores too scattered here and there.



5 Responses to Camera’s

  1. How do your polaroid’s come out so well? I have varied luck. What is the success?

    • maesprose says:

      Hi Kay – I’ve gotten better as I’ve learned my camera. The new Impossible color film made a vast improvement with my success rate. I’ll be experimenting with using a blue filter for my indoor color photos… It’s all been trial and error. With the black & white film, I just dial it a bit darker.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Icelandica says:

    wow, I was wondering what took these unusual photos.

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