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All Hallows’ Eve

It was 1978 the first time I saw the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village.  My friend Arthur had told me about it and we walked down Seventh Avenue in search of it.  Back then, there were just a few 100 … Continue reading

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That’s what the houses were. Actually, the entire village was condemned at one time. Starting in 1960 there were 15,000 people displaced by the condemnation of personal property by eminent domain leaving 3 – 5,000 buildings abandoned or demolished. The … Continue reading

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I know exactly how those pumpkins feel!

  My mood lately is a bit like these pumpkins.  I find myself sitting around growling a lot.  Don’t worry, it’s not the full moon that’s causing these guttural notes from escaping my lips.  Work has gotten a bit out … Continue reading

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National No Bra Day

Believe it or not, this really is a day set aside to commemorate Breast Cancer and it was today.  I know, it makes no sense to me either.  Sometimes I just want to slap my head into my hands and … Continue reading

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Nothing in particular

  I was traveling this week with customers.  We fly around on a Lear and then tour manufacturing plants in the United States.  It’s fun except this week something was off.  I brought my computer but forgot the electrical cord.  … Continue reading

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My date with Joe

OK, the date didn’t go exactly as pictured above. That photo was taken off the Internet by a friend of mine and then I used my Impossible Instant Lab to make the analog “Polaroid” photo you see above. One day … Continue reading

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Pink is in the Air

I know I have a certain date to report back on but it hasn’t happened yet.  What has arrived is October and everything pink.  I will be re-blogging posts this month that I think are important to pass on.  I … Continue reading

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