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Valentine’s Day to warm the winter chill

Valentine’s weekend is coming to a close. I have to confess I enjoyed myself for none of the reasons you would think. It turns out jumping on a trampoline isn’t good for nerves trapped in scar tissue. That is if … Continue reading

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Decorating in style

My mother’s angels sit on the shelf.  She used to have them prominently displayed during the holidays.  So much so, that one year Colleen accidentally knocked one over while reaching to turn a light on.  There was a bang and … Continue reading

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Never Forget

Never forget. Those words are just about everywhere today here in the city.  I don’t know how anyone who did live through that day could forget.  I like to remember the simple acts of kindness that occurred. Right after the … Continue reading

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Summer fun

  My mother was born August 15 and as a child we’d celebrate the day by going to the ocean.  We lived on the North Shore of Long Island with the Long Island Sound a quick drive from our home. … Continue reading

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The Internet

My cousin was married to a computer wiz who we will call CW.  He worked on top-secret defense projects.  This was back in the early 90’s and I’m not sure we should have even known what he did.  One night … Continue reading

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Astoria, Queens

  My friends Donna and Tom are leaving New York this week. They’re headed to Florida to move permanently into the townhouse they purchased a few years ago. It’s a step towards retirement but no one has actually said that … Continue reading

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It’s official, the month of May is over.  This morning I wanted to scream, “That’s a wrap!  Roll the credits.”  I’m not a big fan of the month of May.  It harbors memories and anniversaries that could be considered emotional … Continue reading

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