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Wintery tales

“It’s cold.” A few million other people and I have been mumbling those words for weeks now. The only one who’s not buying it is my dad. “The winter of 1934 was worse than this. If you live through something … Continue reading

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A tiny spot in Indiana

Some Fridays, I crash into the weekend like a race-car driver who has lost control of the wheel.  It’s not a pretty scene.  It usually happens like it did this past week when I have a great deal of travel.  … Continue reading

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Here, there and everywhere.

Kelly. I don’t think she left completely.  It’s as though there is an echo of her being that reminds me life is to be embraced and celebrated.  She didn’t hold onto it with tight fisted hands but rather glided with … Continue reading

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The perfect storm

We’ve been cleaning out my father’s house every time my sisters and I get together.  It’s a massive undertaking that isn’t going quickly.  We’re a sentimental lot and so we average about 5 things tossed and then we fall into … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I bid 2013 adieu and welcomed 2014 while standing in a restaurant in Brooklyn. For anyone who knows me, that is not my usual style. I prefer to be quietly tucked in bed by the stroke of midnight and to … Continue reading

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