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Beer polka dots

We’ve been working through the details of Easter.  No Gluten, no chocolate, less meat, more vegetables, no cheese course and so the list goes on.  Between all of us there is Crohn’s, a history of cancer, heart disease and then … Continue reading

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Ready, set, go!

My brain hurts. I’ve been updating or changing many of the programs on my computer. Suddenly, my sloppy solutions which grew from ignorance over many years seem more like duct tape in a plumbing repair job. I shouldn’t have let … Continue reading

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Flush with excitement…

The weekend didn’t start off right.  Friday night my toilet was backed up and I found myself doing the unthinkable into a plastic bag.  I was horrified but it didn’t stop me from writing a friend of mine in England … Continue reading

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Missing Pieces

I don’t know how I had gotten invited to the party but there I stood at the door knowing no one in the room. It took me a few moments to realize that everyone I met was missing a body … Continue reading

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Finding Peace

My mother and I didn’t get along well.  It was that way since my earliest memory.  We didn’t hate one another or constantly yell and scream.  Instead, we were like two positive magnets that naturally just repelled one another.  The … Continue reading

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Coming Home

I slept for 11 hours last night.  I always sleep like that after a week of travel.  My flight from Las Vegas landed at 8:00 PM in Newark.  It was a misty wet night as I made my way by … Continue reading

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