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Luck and Happenstance

Four years ago today I found a lump. A “perfect storm” of happenstance saved my life. My sister, using a hint of guilt, had me agree to say the rosary every day for Lent. It was a Sunday and I … Continue reading

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A Mantra to Live By

I had a wonderful weekend. All week I did nothing but moan and groan about snow and then the moment Saturday arrived, I discarded my disdain and dove into it with unbridled enthusiasm. Two weeks ago, I mentioned breaking one … Continue reading

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Finding myself

After my mastectomy, I admit I cried.  It wasn’t my breasts I was mourning but my arm and the life I had before cancer struck.  Every year before that fateful spring I would plan a vacation that involved photography.  Some … Continue reading

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A rock in a storm

Liz had her drains removed today.  She got her new breast last week.  I know this and other details though I don’t know Liz and couldn’t pick her out in a crowd if my life depended on it. Her uncle … Continue reading

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OK, so my last post was a downer.  If you’ve lived longer than 30 years, you now know life is littered with such moments.  Should you have lived that long with nothing but sunshine and lollipops, buckle up.  Crap happens … Continue reading

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I lost a friend this week. My friend lost her life. I knew from the beginning our friendship would end this way.  Yet, I didn’t know how wonderful our friendship would be or how much I would grow from it.  … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing

Well, not really. My friend Freda flew in from the U.K. and we took off for Maine to photograph.  We’ve brought 7 cameras and boxes of film.  Yes, film.  We’re also using our IPhones just because they are sooo easy. … Continue reading

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