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Nothing a few needles couldn’t fix

Way back in May I sneezed.  There were repercussions. My chiropractor said it effected vertebra 1 and 2.  I had a headaches that felt like my brain was freezing.  It would happen randomly.  I’d be walking up stairs from the … Continue reading

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The flowers above are from my father’s garden.  I picked the ones whose yellow heads were  kissing the ground.  I’m not sure why they felt the need to bow but it gave me every reason to snip.  Heads lifted, they … Continue reading

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March memories and such

March is a raw month.  The weather has been described at times as lion or lamb.  No matter which, it is never beautiful. My first pet, a cat named Ebony, was born on March 12.  He was taken from his … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

We traveled through the pouring rain this afternoon to my Dad’s house.  Traffic was slow and red tail lights glared before me the entire trip.  I admit I was grumpy until the moment we walked through the door.  He was … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

I entered the lobby yesterday to find the mailman on his knees by the radiator. “Bill, what happened?” He sheepishly looked up. “I lost my keys.  There were 40 on that ring to every building on my route and my … Continue reading

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One more year closer to 100

Well, my dad burned through another year.  He celebrated his 91st birthday today.  My brother, sisters and I all took off from work so that we could be with him.  He was pleased. We took him to a Mexican restaurant … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day. It’s a sad holiday that also symbolizes the start of my favorite season. A weekend of yin and yang. I spent Sunday with my favorite veteran. He wore a paper poppy wrapped around a button on … Continue reading

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