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Is It actually lost if you know where it is?

There are four definitions for a “Lost Weekend” and I just lived one of them. No, I didn’t drink too much or find myself lost in the arms of a lover. If you guessed that I went on a Netflix … Continue reading

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Thank you

All of you have been wonderful! While you were reading my story last week, I was in Austin giving a work presentation to 11 people who had no idea of my loss.  There was no room in the presentation for … Continue reading

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I lost a friend this week. My friend lost her life. I knew from the beginning our friendship would end this way.  Yet, I didn’t know how wonderful our friendship would be or how much I would grow from it.  … Continue reading

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I was too happy.  It was as if cartoon blue birds twirled around my head and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

My oncology appointment haunted the back of my brain.  It’s presence represents a shadowy fear that threatens to materialize.  Between appointments every six months, I eat like all of my fellow cancer friends; whole grains, vegetables, very little meat, little … Continue reading

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