The perfect storm


We’ve been cleaning out my father’s house every time my sisters and I get together.  It’s a massive undertaking that isn’t going quickly.  We’re a sentimental lot and so we average about 5 things tossed and then we fall into conversation over pictures or a statue we don’t know the story of.  It’s really my mother’s things we are cleaning out and since my father is still living we have the luxury of time.  My father defends every dusty book and rusty nail he claims ownership of.  Of course, it’s the books and nails we’d really like to get rid of.

During one of my last visits either putting up the tree or just preparing the house for guests, I took my cross-country skis from the basement.  They are about 30 years old and in my heyday I would use them at the midnight hour during blizzards in the streets of New York.  It was exhilarating.  When snow falls heavily in New York, the streets become empty except for a lone cab or two.  Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh I’d go down the Avenues.  In the distance, I’d here the clanking of chains of the snow plows and knew enough to steer clear of them as they approached.  Yes, it is dangerous and in hindsight a dumb thing to do but fun.  Actually, Fun with a capital F.  There really is nothing like the city when it is quiet and the streets are filled with snow.

8th Avenue covered in snow on Friday morning.

8th Avenue covered in snow on Friday morning.

I brought the skis back to my apartment to see if I would use them at all this winter.  It’s been about 6 years and in that time I’ve developed a slight case of Lymphedema in my right arm.    I take 3 classes a week specifically to keep my arm from getting any worse.  It’s my constant travel for work that is aggravating it but not enough to make me want to quit.   I’m not sure what skiing will do to it but I have a yearning and you know how that goes.  I leaned them into the corner behind my bedroom door prepared for the snow I hoped would come.

Last Thursday night, a storm named Hercules dropped 9 inches of snow on Manhattan.  I waited until morning to test them and my arm out.  Over to the Hudson River Park I went and it was a swoosh, sputter, swoosh.  After six years, my form needs work.   I stayed out on the path for about an hour.  I didn’t want to push it and stopped when my arm started to tingle.  My heart beat like a crazy kid though and there was a smile on my face that seemed to have frozen into place.  With a bit of practice and the right gloves I know I could stay longer.

Hudson River Park covered in snow.

Hudson River Park covered in snow.

Yes, 2014 really seems to be shaping up nicely.

A wonderful moment….

A wonderful moment….

Oh, my arm is just fine.  I exercised it last night to keep the lymph flowing and it felt perfect.

I’m still smiling.


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9 Responses to The perfect storm

  1. tw says:

    This sounds like such good fun Mae, skiing in New York – amazing!

  2. LB says:

    AWESOME!!! I so love to cross country ski (although like you, it’s been several years). It must be wonderful in the quiet streets of the city. So glad you are still smiling!!

  3. Hi Mae, I know how it goes cleaning out our parents’ home. My siblings and I have done some of that, but it’s hard to toss too much with my dad still living there. And yes, we also get caught up in the reminiscing too… I think it’s wonderful how you brought back those skis and then you used them! Reading this, I could picture you out there on those quiet and snowy streets… Dear hubby and I have thought a few times about snow-shoeing on our little lake, but haven’t done it yet. Winter lasts a while around here, so a person can go a little stir-crazy. And I’m glad your arm is okay. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it!

    • maesprose says:

      I would love to try snow-shoeing. I think it would be easier as I don’t think the arms are involved.

      You and I seem to be in the same phases. My cancer was in 2010, we are NED and we both lost our mothers. With that thought, I”m wishing you a very long life!

  4. I’m smiling too Mae. It sounds like a lot of fun!

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