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Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

I’ve got a trip to Florida on the horizon and just the thought of warm sunshine is making me giggle.  While a deep chill and pounding rain occupied most of the weekend, I tried on outfits from last summer.  The … Continue reading

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A trip to the dentist

Chinatown is where my dentist has his office.  It’s a tiny place that I’ve been going to for 19 years.  An oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of that area of town.  I had an appointment there … Continue reading

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Rumor has it that Spring is coming…..

There’s a coffee shop near my home that has been posting the countdown towards spring.  This morning it was biting cold and the wind so powerful that the message declaring 5 days til spring couldn’t be posted.  I went to … Continue reading

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Luck and Happenstance

Four years ago today I found a lump. A “perfect storm” of happenstance saved my life. My sister, using a hint of guilt, had me agree to say the rosary every day for Lent. It was a Sunday and I … Continue reading

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Kohl’s, Komen and Metavivor

There are different kinds of thievery.  Last week, while I was still reassembling my life effected by the missing handbag and all that it contained, there were emails posted about the new Kohl’s-Komen campaign and how Metavivors’s tag was co-opted … Continue reading

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Lock the doors

Whew.  It was a bad week. My health is fine but I do have a story to tell and there were moments in it that I felt like the screaming tulips pictured above. Last Thursday started out innocently with a … Continue reading

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