Moving on

Five weeks ago I went on vacation to Moab, Utah.  My friends and I drove a Range Rover filled with camera gear deep into Canyonlands National Park.  It’s beautiful country unlike anywhere else in the United States.  We drove five hours into the heart where the Internet doesn’t reach, other cars and travelers disappeared until it was just us and the landscape.  At night, the wind howled and nearly blew my friend in his tent over the edge of the ravine.  Laughter filled the night once all the pieces of the tent were rescued and we were safely settled in the back of the car.  Other nights, the Milky Way shined so bright we sat transfixed and in awe.  We became rich with shooting star sightings and wishes.  

By day, we hiked into the canyons and I hung off rocks while balancing gear on my back.  I saw petroglyphs and wondered about the artists who created them hundreds of years ago.  I felt truly alive and loved every minute of this trip.  While sitting on a cliff, I knew it was time to set the reset button here.  I’m not the same person who started this blog.  Nothing in fact is the same.  I moved, I was promoted to a new job, the scars of my surgeries have faded and have become a part of me that stand for strength.  After 7 years, I’ve grown used to the worry that haunts the deep corners of my brain.  You never stop worrying if the cancer will come back. You learn to celebrate the everyday for the gift that it is.  Still, a chapter in my life seems to have organically ended and part of that includes this blog.  I didn’t want to just stop writing though without thanking all of you for stopping by and commenting.  I’ve enjoyed my friendships here and the kindness you’ve shown.  

Yes, I will create something new but it will take time.  Until then, enjoy yourselves and if ever the opportunity arises to go to MOAB – take it!

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2 Responses to Moving on

  1. Gary Holmes says:

    Looking forward to the next big thing. Maybe travel blog?

  2. LB says:

    Mae, I was just wondering about you the other day! I’ve been a bit absent from WP (activism is taking up alot of time!) and am so glad that I saw this post.
    I sense contentment and peace and strength, and it makes me so glad.
    Moab sounds wonderful … I can almost visualize those night skies.
    If you ever decide to return to blogging in another form, be sure to look me up.
    Happiness to you, my friend.

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