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The promise of blooms

  Hey, it’s almost spring.  Yes, it’s cold and grey outside and I’m still wearing my winter coat but the pussy willow is in bloom.  My grandmother used to say,”Ja, Ja.  Za pussy villow is za first flower und spring … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

  Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  I went to Easter Vigil last night and admit sitting in the dark holding a candle was the most soothing way to begin celebrations.  I haven’t gone overboard decorating but just gathering the … Continue reading

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A Wing and a Prayer

Sometimes, I read my horoscope. It’s merely for fun or when things feel futile and I need an excuse as to why. Yesterday morning I awoke in Dallas and the Blood Moon was reported on the news with a hint … Continue reading

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A fun time was had by all.

Easter went off without a hitch.  My guests all arrived haunted by the Monster Moon reverberations.  What problems that could be left outside my front door were.  Those that arrived limping and sniffling kept their ailments in low profile.  We … Continue reading

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Monster Moon

  Last week Lisa called, “There’s a monster full moon happening on Wednesday.  The planetary line up is supposed to wreak havoc in our lives.  What day are you flying home?”  Of course, I was flying on Wednesday.  My stomach … Continue reading

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I’m in the mood for a vacation….

Easter was wonderful but I have to admit that I feared I wouldn’t be able to pull it off right up until the moment dinner was served.  I stood in the kitchen barefoot most of the morning always behind schedule.  … Continue reading

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Beer polka dots

We’ve been working through the details of Easter.  No Gluten, no chocolate, less meat, more vegetables, no cheese course and so the list goes on.  Between all of us there is Crohn’s, a history of cancer, heart disease and then … Continue reading

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