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Leave a message after the tone

My mother’s voice is still alive on my answering machine. Mae, this is just Mom. I woke up from a sleep and I just thought I’d call you. That’s OK. We’ll talk tomorrow. I had a pretty rough day. OK. … Continue reading

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Make a Wish

I called my friend James today.  He answered and for some reason I fell into a hushed tone. “Are my calculations correct? Are you turning 60 this weekend?” My voice cracked when I said the word 60, as though the … Continue reading

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A Mantra to Live By

I had a wonderful weekend. All week I did nothing but moan and groan about snow and then the moment Saturday arrived, I discarded my disdain and dove into it with unbridled enthusiasm. Two weeks ago, I mentioned breaking one … Continue reading

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I admit it, I’m into Valentine’s Day this year. Don’t sigh in horror. I didn’t see this one coming either.  Traditionally, I roll my eyes when this holiday comes along.  This year is different. This is the year two of … Continue reading

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A “Slob Storm” was predicted.

I first heard about the storm on Sunday. I was visiting with my friend Paula and we got to talking about the weather when her son chimed in, “A real slob storm is headed our way on Wednesday.” “Slob storm?” … Continue reading

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Riverside Park

The day sang with sunshine and temperatures that skimmed above freezing. Relative to just earlier this week, it felt like spring and with warmth came a lightness of being.  I went to my Y4C yoga class on 72nd Street this … Continue reading

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