A tiny spot in Indiana

IndianaSome Fridays, I crash into the weekend like a race-car driver who has lost control of the wheel.  It’s not a pretty scene.  It usually happens like it did this past week when I have a great deal of travel.  Monday, I saw the sunrise over  Newark Airport.  We were taking off for Texas which was one of the many states I visited by Friday.  The photo above was taken from a moving car as I drove through Huntingburg, Indiana.  We sped by dormant corn and soybean fields as tiny snowflakes swirled around the car.

I traveled by Lear jet into Huntingburg.  Besides farming there are large furniture factories there.  The last vestige of German immigrants who settled over a hundred years ago bringing their trade with them.  Many of the original companies founded have since disbanded or moved much of the work to China.  A few still remain surrounded by the fields I captured here in this post.

Indiana Farmhouse

I brought customers to Huntingburg to introduce them and to tour the factories there.  I am like Julie from the Love Boat, a television show I loved in the 1970’s.  I make sure everyone is happy and solve any problems that might arise.  You would be surprised what problems people have presented me with.  Once at the tiny airport, we jumped into vans for transportation.  I noticed an elderly couple in a car near my van.  They were in a run down maroon truck facing the runway and sipping from mugs.  I could see the steam rising from the beverages they cradled in hand.  They smiled and I waved as we pulled out of our parking space.  Seven hours later, when we returned, they were still there.  I waved again and they smiled.

A part of me envied their quiet freedom to sit at an airfield watching planes take off and land.  The other part of me found the thought of such a day absolutely maddening.  I admit I have to work on slowing down my own pace.  Now that I am healthy again, I run the risk of wearing myself out.  Lying on my yoga mat this morning, I think of them with a laugh.  I struggle to find the peace they so naturally attain sitting in a parking lot.  It is pure conjecture on my part though.  For all I know, they are dreaming on getting on one of those planes and dashing about in any city exploring the sights.  I will never know for sure  what they dream of but will freely admit, I am happy I am the one seeing and at times capturing in photos tiny corners of this world.

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14 Responses to A tiny spot in Indiana

  1. LB says:

    Love the Indiana farm scenes, Mae.
    Your schedule sounds a bit crazy! I mean, most of us have very full, busy days, but throwing in all that travel would be exhausting! Glad you found the positive side!

    • maesprose says:

      It is a crazy schedule and I have to remind myself to take it easy. This weekend I did. When I’m out there, I remind myself to lift my head from my agenda and actually look at what is around me. Some of these places I will never see again.

  2. K C Eames says:

    Love the images and the story well done. It sounds like Huntingburg and High Point NC area have a lot in common.

    • maesprose says:

      They do. High Point was larger in “the day”. Both have suffered over the years. Some business is coming back but it can never be as it was because the cost of opening a factory a manning it is prohibitive.

  3. K C Eames says:

    Apparently one of the local manufacturing plants owned by Klaussner has found a niche selling furniture to China. Who knew?

  4. Don Ostertag says:

    Great pictures, Mae, both via camera and words. Good to hear you are healthy again. Your world sounds hectic. Now be sure and do as the old couple in the pickup and stop every now and then to smell the coffee.

    • maesprose says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Today was one of those days when every turn led to the wrong moment. I spent a good part of it trying to get a computer program installed and then in working order. I did think a silent moment wouldn’t hurt…. I just thought it though.

  5. John says:

    Really, really enjoy the photos in this post … very meditative, relaxing. A bit of Zen amidst all your travel…

  6. tw says:

    Beautiful Mae, really lovely

  7. maesprose says:

    Thank you! I’m lucky I had the good sense to take the photos!

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