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Dead wood

I spent Labor Day cleaning.  Well, not exactly cleaning as much as tossing and shredding.  The vaccume has yet to hit the floor for the final sweep.  I’m still in the dust production stage of this endeavor. I traveled nearly … Continue reading

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Summer fun

  My mother was born August 15 and as a child we’d celebrate the day by going to the ocean.  We lived on the North Shore of Long Island with the Long Island Sound a quick drive from our home. … Continue reading

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Leave a message after the tone

My mother’s voice is still alive on my answering machine. Mae, this is just Mom. I woke up from a sleep and I just thought I’d call you. That’s OK. We’ll talk tomorrow. I had a pretty rough day. OK. … Continue reading

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I’m never really sure when to count my “cancerversary” and the moment I was free of it. Is it the lumpectomy or the mastectomy date? I usually go with the date of the lumpectomy probably because it comes first and … Continue reading

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You are my sunshine….

I can still hear my mother, “White, I want white flowers.  Nothing colorful.  This is a good white.”  She was pointing to a bouquet of flowers I had brought her.  “Memorize this color white.” I’m not sure when she started … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I love empty bird nests.  There is a still beauty about them when you find them whole at the end of the season.  Colleen has the one pictured above in her foyer.  It sits on a shelf almost blending into … Continue reading

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What will next week bring?

Energy wise, I’d say this was a week to remember.  It started with Chinese New Year on Sunday.  Then we had a day of excess, Fat Tuesday, followed immediately with reflection of soul on Ash Wednesday.  Valentine’s Day is prone … Continue reading

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The long way home….

Yesterday, I took the long way home through the winding paths of Central Park.  Beauty took me uptown.  My hair, to be exact, was the reason and when I escaped with my new “do” I debated for a few moments … Continue reading

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Christmas thoughts and resolutions

On the Saturday before Christmas I told Colleen I had Christmas spirit like none I’ve had before. I felt present and at peace with the world around me accepting all the imperfections it had to offer. When she called on … Continue reading

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An Anniversary

Today marks 2 years since my mother’s death. My grief has settled in somewhere deep in my heart. For the last few days I’ve been remembering the events that led to her passing. September 10 was the beginning of her … Continue reading

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