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It was just beautiful….

I took off for Sonoma County after a week of seminars at Greenbuild in San Francisco.   It was an interesting week but made up of lectures scheduled one right after the other.  Sustainability.  It is an interesting yet dry topic.  … Continue reading

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Use it or loose it

Sex toys.  I admit I was never interested in them. “Mae,” I can hear you groaning, “I’ve barely digested Thanksgiving dinner.  Why must you bring this up?” It’s a good story so pour some wine, sit back and read.  Yes, … Continue reading

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Guess where I have been. Photo too vague? How about this one? Still too nondescript? This photo tells it all. Yes, I’ve been to California and it was a wonderful trip. I attended Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco last week … Continue reading

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In the Dark

I live in Chelsea, New York and in case you hadn’t heard we’ve been in the dark since Monday night. I’ve been trying to channel my “Little House on the Prairie” attitude. I can now attest with complete certainty that … Continue reading

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