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An Appointment

Vita and I haven’t been meeting up lately.  For thirty years now the two of us have had lunch once a week.  That’s if you don’t include the past six months… we’ve somehow lost our rhythm.  That’s why her call … Continue reading

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Catch and Release

Last week exactly to the hour, I was ripping across a frozen lake on a snow mobile.  My head nearly exploding with excitement and joy.  If I wasn’t wearing a helmet that fogged easily, I would have screamed at the … Continue reading

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The Meeting

Lisa and I were not looking forward to meeting with Father Walter in Chinatown.  We were still reeling from committing Aunt Lucy to Southoaks.  Yes, she was where she needed to be but it was not without pain felt by … Continue reading

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The Unraveling

The night Aunt Lucy went insane Lisa and I set out at about 7:00 PM with a vat of beef stew in the back seat.  I had made the stew the day before and knew at some point we’d get … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Right from the start 2010 felt like a ten car pileup on an icy highway.  The crashes continued into 2011 leaving all of us numb, especially me.  This is the week, two years ago, that it all seemed to begin.  … Continue reading

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The Red Chair

Julia and Madeleine came in for the weekend recently.  They are my nieces and I adore them.  They used to look up to me like I was on a pedestal.  Those days are long gone.  These days they look at … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Last month I left on a business trip Monday night and returned Thursday evening to an answering machine filled with messages.  Ten in total.  The first went something like this: “Ahhh, hello?  Is this Mae?  This is James.  I’m looking … Continue reading

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