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Keeping it all relative.

The trunk of my car is packed with a beach towel, suit, sunscreen, large umbrella, flip-flops and a chair. It’s my emergency summer kit for those moments when an escape to the beach is possible and much needed. I was … Continue reading

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    I went to my Dad’s house this weekend. “The tulips look good.” We kept saying that to each other over and over.  Sitting in his conservatory, we were looking out at the bursts of yellow and red dotting … Continue reading

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Leave a message after the tone

My mother’s voice is still alive on my answering machine. Mae, this is just Mom. I woke up from a sleep and I just thought I’d call you. That’s OK. We’ll talk tomorrow. I had a pretty rough day. OK. … Continue reading

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You are my sunshine….

I can still hear my mother, “White, I want white flowers.  Nothing colorful.  This is a good white.”  She was pointing to a bouquet of flowers I had brought her.  “Memorize this color white.” I’m not sure when she started … Continue reading

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Rich died 23 years ago today. He died of AIDS. I remember it like it was yesterday. His partner Chris died maybe a year earlier.  They were a power couple on the rise in the corporate world with that winning … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

My dad is a World War II veteran and Memorial Day was one he taught us to regard with reverence.  His brother served in that war too and never came home.  There was no body to bury and his grave … Continue reading

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My good friend Harry died last weekend. Now I know what you are saying to yourself… didn’t you just lose another friend?  Yes, I did.  There is a superstition that death happens in three’s.  Harry was my third. It’s taken … Continue reading

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