A week of calm

Bear and Horse

Well, did you have a good Christmas?

My sisters and I were at my Dad’s house for the past three days.  Celebrating sometimes and cleaning out what we could the rest of the time.  He hates getting rid of anything but we managed to toss old mattrasses and bedspreads.  We walk a thin line these days.  If he had his druthers, he would keep everything including the dust.

I photographed the above while taking a break from the constant housework that exists there.  The horse and bear were given to my mother years ago.  The original owner was named Bill and he received them as Christmas gifts as a child.  The bear is now over 100.  I don’t know about the horse but I think it is the same for it.  Sometimes I put them under the tree in memory of the kids who were and are no longer.

This coming week is my favorite.  Most people are off.  Those that are working, have few expectations.  I like to take this week to get organized.  This year I am savoring these precious days more than ever.  The final wrap up before January begins.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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4 Responses to A week of calm

  1. John says:

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

    What a wonderful idea (and story) about the horse and bear. It’s a nice tribute to the kids of holidays past.

    I fully understand the ‘walking a thin line’ when it comes to getting rid of things. My mom has amassed quite a collection of ‘stuff’ over the years and is loathe to part with most of it. She has gotten better over the past few years. Once upon a time we had old broken appliances, broken lamps, broken knick-knacks because “they can be fixed”, though they never were. We did manage to finally get rid of most of the broken stuff (some of the things were broken long before I was born, and I’m just about 50). Now she’s begun collecting things she’s ordered from catalogues (cheap stuff), that she doesn’t like once she gets it, or wasn’t what she was expecting – and she’s already shredded the paperwork, so we don’t know where to return it. (One slightly positive aspect of her Alzheimer’s is that it does impact her short term memory, so after a week or so she forgets she ordered the thing, and it can be tossed or given away, so there’s no fighting about getting rid of it. Small blessings, I suppose).

    Hope you’re enjoying the nice East Coast weather. We’re in a cold spell — teens most of the last few days, some snow (We have now had our 19th white christmas in the past 130-some years).

  2. LB says:

    100 year old toys! What treasures and glad they didn’t go the way of those mattresses 🙂 I too, love the time after Christmas and before it’s all back to the routine. Enjoy your week!

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