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Nothing a few needles couldn’t fix

Way back in May I sneezed.  There were repercussions. My chiropractor said it effected vertebra 1 and 2.  I had a headaches that felt like my brain was freezing.  It would happen randomly.  I’d be walking up stairs from the … Continue reading

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The promise of blooms

  Hey, it’s almost spring.  Yes, it’s cold and grey outside and I’m still wearing my winter coat but the pussy willow is in bloom.  My grandmother used to say,”Ja, Ja.  Za pussy villow is za first flower und spring … Continue reading

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March memories and such

March is a raw month.  The weather has been described at times as lion or lamb.  No matter which, it is never beautiful. My first pet, a cat named Ebony, was born on March 12.  He was taken from his … Continue reading

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Cooking, sewing and the desire for balance

Last night the question in my little book was: Do you need a break?  From what? I didn’t have to think twice.  My job, the company I work for; the two so completely intertwined as one massive headache as of … Continue reading

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Rainy days

  It rained today. Poured really. “Like cats and dogs.”  My cab driver used this description haltingly.  I think he was trying out the term as English wasn’t his native tongue.  I agreed and he seemed very pleased. I like … Continue reading

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I have a question. Actually, 365 of them.

Happy New Year! My friend Julia gave me the book pictured above for Christmas.  It’s a journal of sorts with 365 questions in it and under each question 5 lines.  The idea is to answer one question a day for … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

This is a season of short days and long nights.  Winter Solstice is tucked neatly between the beginning of Chanukah and Christmas this year seemingly balancing the celebrations filled with light. I chose to spend the longest night of the … Continue reading

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