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Beyond your own tiny web

While traveling through the South of France with a photography group, I made a most unlikely friend.  Mike was in his late 60’s; almost deaf and nearly crippled with legs ailing with age.  He also traveled in a much more … Continue reading

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A rock in a storm

Liz had her drains removed today.  She got her new breast last week.  I know this and other details though I don’t know Liz and couldn’t pick her out in a crowd if my life depended on it. Her uncle … Continue reading

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One special moment in time….

Yesterday, we flew over the storm that trapped me in Chicago.  We bumped and thumped over the clouds.  Belted in our seats, I was in the last row fighting back the urge to grab that little paper bag in the … Continue reading

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I have been glued to the TV all week

What a week and it’s still filled with news and drama as I write.  I went to Chicago for a convention.  I left on Sunday, a day early, to meet up with a friend who is going through a horrible … Continue reading

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I just want to remind all of you that you need to get your taxes in the mail tomorrow.  I’d like to also add that now is not the time to get creative.  I tell you this from experience. When I first … Continue reading

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Up Up and Away

I travel a lot. It’s for work and so I am at the airport more often than not coming and going. There is a lot of rushing to then sit quietly for hours. I don’t love it but at this … Continue reading

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Cloudy Florida

The Easter dishes had barely been put away when I took off for Florida this past week. The first two days were work related and the remaining four were purely for pleasure that my company offered others and me for … Continue reading

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