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Sending Strength for Susie

Susie Lindau’s latest wild ride is one she never planned on.  Diagnosed with breast cancer this past April, she announced her news to the world on May 18.  Today she underwent a double mastectomy.  You can read about it in … Continue reading

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This past weekend I was at my Dad’s house and while there I always try and do something for him.  Age is creeping up and cleaning, gardening and just about anything physical is becoming difficult.  It had rained all of … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

My dad is a World War II veteran and Memorial Day was one he taught us to regard with reverence.  His brother served in that war too and never came home.  There was no body to bury and his grave … Continue reading

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Three years. Three years cancer free. My anniversary was this past week.  I let out an audible sigh when the hour passed in which my operation had taken place.  I remember every detail of that day.  I couldn’t recognize the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I love empty bird nests.  There is a still beauty about them when you find them whole at the end of the season.  Colleen has the one pictured above in her foyer.  It sits on a shelf almost blending into … Continue reading

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The lore of Wisteria

  My grandfather used to say, “When you see a wisteria bush growing outside a house, there is usually a crazy old lady living inside.”  We’d laugh and as a little girl I vowed I would never get such a … Continue reading

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Saved by Friday

Some weeks hold such strange energy there is nothing you can do but ride the storm.  This past week was one of them.  Nothing in particular was wrong but everything felt off and no task could be completed without a … Continue reading

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