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I walk every morning to Café Grumpy with my mason jar in hand craving an iced latte. Yesterday morning I saw a bright, chalk arrow pointing towards 17th Street. On the corner of 17th Street and Seventh Avenue written in … Continue reading

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Memories of measured time.

The summer of 2010 was one of the hottest and personally cruelest in memory. Hundreds or maybe thousands of cicadas droned on in the heat with a high-pitched buzz that burrowed into my brain. The hum of the cicadas, not … Continue reading

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News flash!  I took an all-level yoga class today with healthy people.  OK, in the grand scheme of world affairs that really wouldn’t make a blip on the Associated Press radar.  Yet, what sounds so simple really was a major … Continue reading

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Sometimes, the name really doesn’t matter.

My mother was the 5th child born to a pair of Swiss Immigrants in the 1930’s.  It was the depth of the depression when she was conceived and a new baby was the last thing this family needed.  Already strapped … Continue reading

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The dust bunnies ran but the memories stayed.

  In two weeks it will be 34 years since I moved to Manhattan.  Yes, the sound of that hurts me between the eyes too.  Good God, it’s been THAT LONG.  Still, I’ve been thinking about it.  Probable because Madeleine … Continue reading

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My family and I headed up to The Berkshire’s this past week for vacation.  It’s our yearly tradition when we gather together in a little house on a lake.  The ages range from 18 to 89 and the interests are … Continue reading

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