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Things I never wanted to do and yet had to….

I have a bucket list of things I want to do in this life.  There’s also an unofficial list of things I never want to do.  On the “Never Want To Do” list was; plastic surgery, tattoo’s, implants, visit a … Continue reading

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My neighbors Ralph and Lucy went to Home Depot to buy a tree 10 months ago.  They hauled it home, put it in the corner of their room and were very pleased.  That night they went to bed and in … Continue reading

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A day at the beach

Yesterday, I went back to Atlantic beach.  The temperature was high in the 80’s, with bright sun and the Atlantic Ocean was digesting a storm somewhere out at sea.  The waves were high, frequent and rough.  The water warm, lured … Continue reading

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Memoir Class

My sister Lisa called me the other day, “Did you have a man named Robert or Bob in one of your memoir writing classes?” I had to think for a minute. “Was he an older gentleman?” “Yes.  In his 60’s.” … Continue reading

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My life is so bad, yours looks good

It was said long before I had any health issues.  My friend Linda had cut or burned her hand badly and her doctor gave her painkillers.  Her husband, Chuck, had a bit of an addiction problem and swallowed all of … Continue reading

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Love of bread

I went to my father’s house for the Fourth of July this year.  Normally, I go see the fireworks over the Hudson River but this year I knew he would be alone for the day.  Lisa had visited the weekend … Continue reading

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Beach attire

I’m not sure when my mother and her family stopped wearing bathing suits at the beach or if they ever did.  My only memories of my mother from my childhood have her dressed in long pants; a long sleeved white … Continue reading

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