Iron Mae Month

Iron Mae Month

I declared June “Iron Mae Month.”

It sounds more daring and powerful than it really is.  I decided to concentrate on my health this month.  Really watch what I eat and make sure that exercise every day.    I bought a Fitbit to measure the miles I walk, stairs I climb and hours I sleep.  OK, it comes with charts and grafts accessible on my computer with little icons that scream “hooray” when I accomplish tasks.  I know it seems pathetic but I like it when little icons cheer me on.  I swear I would vacuum the living room more if I had a small cheering section.

I digress.

It was the Fitbit that showed me I’m not sleeping enough.  Sure, looking at the clock and doing a bit of math would have told me the same thing.  That would be too simple.  I needed a pie chart to visually tell me I was only getting 5 and ½ hours of sleep a night.  It came as a bit of a shock to realize that the very thing you would think would be easy is the thing I’m bad at.  It’s not the act of sleeping that is difficult but my actually climbing into bed.  I’m now struggling to get myself ready for sleep by 11.  I know it is important for my body to rest and repair the damage from the day.   Who would have thought the biggest challenge for me this month was to get my pajamas on!

Iron Mae Month was also supposed to include a bit of biking and still might.  I signed up for Citibike, a new bike-sharing program that started over Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s a great idea but poorly organized.  After 13 business days and 18 actual days, I still haven’t gotten my key.  Once it does arrive, yours truly will be out peddling.

At this moment, it’s 11:15 PM.  Darn… the hours fly!

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12 Responses to Iron Mae Month

  1. John says:

    Good luck with the sleep … I’m bad at it too …. insomnia has become my BFF…

    And, good luck with the exercise …. I’m waiting for the gadget that does the exercises for me. 🙂

  2. LB says:

    Love the Citibike photo, and I look forward to reading about your adventures on the bicycle.
    So what keeps you up until 11p? I know what keeps me up … blogging 🙂

    • maesprose says:

      Yep, it’s the blogging or reading of blogs that keeps me awake. Just not enough hours in the day/night!

      • LB says:

        The thing I have found, besides getting to bed late, is that it (blogging, and my fascination with photography and blogging) has taken up almost all my reading time. I’m so behind on my Book Group’s selections!! Yikes!

      • maesprose says:

        I know and the silly part is I fall to sleep easier when I read… still,these are small problems in the grand scheme of things. I’m happy that’s all I have to mull over these days. Last night I logged 7.5 hours of sleep… Woo Hoo! Must have been the 40 minutes on that bike!

  3. elroyjones says:

    I like this idea, Mae. You GO!

  4. maesprose says:

    Thanks Elroy! Now that the Citi Bike key showed up I’ve been on the bike every day. I’m zipping here there and everywhere. I don’t have a television so I didn’t know half of New York hated the idea. My sister finally told me. Silly fools.

  5. jwpenley says:

    Finally catching up with your latest blogs. It’s like sitting down with a good book!

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