Summer Fun Begins


Fun. I’m having it.

Up until this evening the past few days were what you dream of when you think of summer. No humidity. The temperature warm on the edge of hot.

Just perfect and you can’t help but smile.

My Citbike key arrived today. I skipped work at around 4 and took to the bike. Helmet on my head, I rode down the bike path along the West Side Highway. The Hudson River to my right and cars in a rush to go somewhere on my left. I peddled like a kid with wild enthusiasm and then wobbly legs because they weren’t used to it. It was like a dream and when others passed me on the same bike we broadly smiled at each other. We were all feeling the same excitement.

ferris wheel

The key was the finale component of Mae’s Iron Summer. Now let’s see what a few months of exercise and mindful eating will do! I didn’t photograph the bike and decided to post images from the Chicago Navy Pier instead. Even though it was the middle of March when I took those shown above, the photos just scream summer fun.

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6 Responses to Summer Fun Begins

  1. I love bike riding too. I’m SO jealous. Oh well Maybe Sunday afternoon!

  2. LB says:

    I’m excited for you!! The legs WILL get less and less wobbly! 🙂

  3. jwpenley says:

    So excited about the New York bikes! I would love to bike but, egads, those San Francisco hills! Guess I will have to wait until I come to New York. Happy summer and happy riding!

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