Taking Highway 25 all the way to the end….

25 West

I took a mini vacation this week and escaped the routines of my life for what seemed only a moment.  It was really three days.  Tuesday I followed 25 to the very eastern end of Long Island.  It took me to the North Fork which is also known as the far less fashionable “fin” as the two forks are sometimes referred to as.  The Hamptons are on the south fork with beautiful ocean beaches, fine sand and cultivated dunes.  The beaches on the North Fork have pebbles and shells that are perfect for art projects and cruel on tender bare feet.  Still, it is growing in popularity  as we battled for beach space and road space with a crew filming another episode of Girls.  I hope this isn’t a spoiler but Hannah Horvath goes to Greenport, Long Island at some point next season.  I haven’t watched the series yet but now must get up to date for next season to see what they captured during my vacation! 

Orient Point View finder

The true summer season opens next week and so Orient State Park had just two fishermen and my friends on the shore.  Seagulls voiced their disdain as we didn’t have chips and other delectable treats to feed them.  A storm was blowing in and we sat wrapped in sweatshirts as salty air filled our lungs healing us of any remnants of winter.  It wasn’t until the following day that the sun beat down on us and we were able to shed down to our bathing suits on the rocky shores. 

Orient Point

The North Fork is wine country.  We went to one winery to taste and purchase a bottle or two.  I took a few photographs of grape vines but the hour was high noon and the temperature in the high 80’s.  Both are bad for Polaroid film as high temperatures turn the photos yellow during development.  That is the sign that it is time to put the rest of the film in the cooler and head for the beach. 

 Winery at High Noon

I came back to New York City last night to do yoga this morning in Times Square celebrating the Summer Solstice.  I signed up for it on a lark weeks ago.  There I lay at 7:25 this morning on my yoga mat with 1600 other yogis.  They had us begin by lying down and looking up at the amazing buildings that surrounded us.  Then they asked us to go “within” to find and take note of our amazing souls.  Find a sense of peace in the rushing madness around us.  There is a part of me that said, “Humbug, this is so stupid!”  There is another part that said, “This is amazing and I am so happy to be part of this.”  Two opinions twirled about in my head until I am fully engaged in the moment.  I giggled through a good part of the hour with my mat neighbors.  I seemed to have been put in a row of yoga dunces as we couldn’t follow the poses gracefully.  We were able to laugh though and in that I found the true celebration.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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15 Responses to Taking Highway 25 all the way to the end….

  1. John says:

    Sounds like a fun time … getting away, even for a long-weekend, really is good for the soul.

    I would totally be giggling along with you and the Times Square yogis… I’m not very graceful. I topple over a lot too. 🙂

  2. elroyjones says:

    Oh, FUN! Good for you, Mae.

  3. Your little trip sounds very nice to me. Just to get away for even two or three days can be heaven. I wish I could have have joined you for the yoga. That sounds amazing. I would have liked to see that many people doing yoga all at the same time, from above inside one of those huge buildings. That would have been awesome!

  4. Gary Holmes says:

    Always on the cutting edge, Mae. The NYT has a story on the North Fork this weekend.

  5. LB says:

    Your yoga dunces comment made me laugh! Did you read Eat, Prey, Love? If so, your comments about yoga reminded me of the author’s comments while trying to meditate. I imagine I am much too wiggly to do yoga OR meditate 🙂
    Don’t you just love a minivacation? Sounds like a lovely 3 days!

    • maesprose says:

      I saw the movie and have yet to read the book. It’s on my list though! I’ve gotten better over the years with yoga but still can’t master meditating. It takes a lot to quiet my mind.

  6. Daile says:

    The photos from your trip look fantatsic!

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