A week of calm

Bear and Horse

Well, did you have a good Christmas?

My sisters and I were at my Dad’s house for the past three days.  Celebrating sometimes and cleaning out what we could the rest of the time.  He hates getting rid of anything but we managed to toss old mattrasses and bedspreads.  We walk a thin line these days.  If he had his druthers, he would keep everything including the dust.

I photographed the above while taking a break from the constant housework that exists there.  The horse and bear were given to my mother years ago.  The original owner was named Bill and he received them as Christmas gifts as a child.  The bear is now over 100.  I don’t know about the horse but I think it is the same for it.  Sometimes I put them under the tree in memory of the kids who were and are no longer.

This coming week is my favorite.  Most people are off.  Those that are working, have few expectations.  I like to take this week to get organized.  This year I am savoring these precious days more than ever.  The final wrap up before January begins.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Life in Motion

Christmas 1

Life in Motion.  That’s what my birthday card from my sister said this year.  It has been in motion and at a break neck speed.  I will be the first to admit that I have far too many balls in the air.  The apartment purchase is still going on.  Just when I think I’ve completed all of the paperwork, another packet arrives.  The holidays aren’t helping as I am on a tight clock with a locked in mortgage rate.  While others are imbibing in the pleasures of the season, I’m the harridan in the corner cracking the whip.  A perfect lunch date for the grinch!

Christmas 3I’ve been managing most of this while traveling.  That hasn’t helped with keeping everything organized.  Today is my last day trip of the year.  I’m thrilled to be grounded for two weeks.

Christmas 2

I took the photos above while shopping n my neighborhood yesterday.  With all the details of purchasing the apartment holding my attention, I can’t forget Christmas is just days away.  This is my last while living in Chelsea.  It’s exciting and frightening knowing 2016 holds nothing but change in it.

Wishing all of you a Happy Holiday season!


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Thanksgiving flowers

It’s been a long weekend of multiple celebrations with family and friends all involving turkey.  I’ll admit, I kinda liked it.  Even though the ingredients are similar, none of the meals tasted the same.  All delicious, which is why I think I may have eaten too much!

Thanksgiving floral

So, I’ve signed a contract for the apartment in Westchester. I’ve got a paperwork packet to fill out and a meeting with the Board of Directors.  Inside the packet is a set of 36 rules I need to abide by.  No Drippy Trash and No Feeding Pigeons Out of Your Window.  I know for each of the 36 rules there was an incident or incidents that put them there.  Part of me would love to hear the stories that go with the rules…. All in good time!

So, for the next few weeks I’ll be navigating the largest sale of my life.  Ho, Ho, Ho…..

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Moving right along

Train Tracks

I put a bid in on an apartment this past Monday.  It was declined and I put another in this morning.  Fingers crossed they accept.  Truth is, the apartment is part of an estate and I fear the lawyers aren’t motivated to sell.  I love it though and hope against hope they accept my offer.  We’ll find out soon enough.

If my bid is accepted, I’ll have to go before a COOP board for approval.  I’m starting to feel like I’m competing in a Miss America contest.  A friend that is a lawyer tells me I’ll have to dress accordingly.  My best jewelry but not too much.  Expensive shoes would help.  The board can be rigid and judgmental.  I’m not sure if the aerial view of my finances will pass muster.  This board already declined two others before me.

After the apartment fell through a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to get serious.  This past October I finally bit the bullet and found a realtor named Hugh.  My dream is to move and if I don’t take the time to make it happen, it won’t.  So, Hugh and I have been meeting on afternoons after I jump off planes or on weekends.  He’s shown me a number of apartments.  They vary in size and location.  Some allow pets, some don’t.  In the end, I know immediately after I walk in if the apartment is right or not.  This one needs to be renovated but I’m excited with the possibilities it holds.


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Catching up

CP oct 2015 fall

I took the new job and it’s been a whirlwind since.  Travel, which has always been a part of my job, remains so if not even more.  I know, you didn’t think that was possible did you?   I’m visiting all of the odd spots in the US and then some!  Still, I’m up to the challenge and loving it.  I needed the change and know that in a few months I will be able to harness my schedule to work on that life balance thing I seem to have so much trouble with!

Yesterday, I had an acupuncture and then massage appointment.  Luxurious sounding but a micro tear in my rotator cuff and pain from what I’ve been told is tennis elbow have me in physical therapy two days a week.  Overcompensation for the Lymphedema in my right arm has harmed my left.  I hadn’t even imagined this was a possibility in my future and yet  I am told it is quite common.  It was a kayaking trip over the summer that was the final straw.  I ignored the pain for two months hoping to “power through” it.  Surprise, surprise, that plan didn’t work.

I saw a shoulder and elbow man in the beginning of September and he is the one who put me into physical therapy.  It’s amazing what targeted exercise will do.    The acupuncture and massages are supplemental in helping me mend.  I admit, all of this has added a special challenge to my schedule as I’m always coming and going with these appointments in mind.  The effort is paying off as my arm is feeling so much better.

After my massage, I went to Central Park to see how autumn was coming along.  I imagine after tonight’s frost it will be much further along.  As of yesterday, the rust colors I so love weren’t that visible.

CP oct 2014

It was a beautiful day even without the rusts.

CP oct 2015


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Close but no sale

Chair sunlight

I almost bought an apartment this week.

It was filled with charm and I was smitten.  I fell in love with the location, north of the city but not too north.  I could keep my doctors, friends and my hairdresser as they would still be a quick drive into Manhattan.  Yes, keeping my support team is very important.  Everything was perfect until we came down to the finances.  The building was poorly run and the largest investment of my life would begin on an ice patch.  I wasn’t prepared for that and let go of my charming dream.  The silver lining is I now know the area I like.  There will be other apartments.  I am disappointed but relieved it was only time I had invested.

Bank and Main

In the meantime, my banker is good to go and I now have a real estate lawyer.  My confidence is a bit stronger too.  When I pull the trigger next time my team will be in place.  I’ll also like to hear any tales you’d want to share in the real estate vein.

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Excitement in the air


I was promoted yesterday.  It’s a position that has been newly developed which is exciting and frightening as there is no one to follow in the footsteps of. Career bushwhacking through unknown terrain.  I won’t know for a while if my decisions are right or wrong.  Instead, the days ahead will be a bit like an amusement park ride.  Hang on tight, scream a bit in fear now and then….  of course have fun while doing so.  I’m very excited.

Hoping you all had a wonderful summer.

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