An afternoon by the lake

summer windowThere’s a book titled A Summer’s Day by Joel Meyerowitz.  It’s filled with casual photographs of his summer home taken with his Deardorff camera in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The Deardorff is a rather cumbersome 4×5 film camera used by few these days.  When I page through the book I can almost taste the salty sea air and yes, I am reminded of many of my own summer days along the shores of Long Island.

I think that book must have been my inspiration as I photographed our vacation home in the Berkshires weeks ago.  My father needs a lot of naps and so quiet hours were enforced.  Most of our little group read but I roamed the house and photographed the quiet corners.  A quest in capturing the details of a wonderful time in our lives.  I used a Polaroid Land Camera which proved to be a bit tricky too.  Snap and wait to develop.  That ritual had it’s own zen quality to it which I think added a calming element I hadn’t expected.

Otis dark light on chair  This was the year we had to watch for my father.  Fainting spells the month prior had us using more focused eyes when it came to his strength.  Admittedly, we messed up one afternoon when each other had thought he was slathered in sun screen.  He subscribes to the old adage that real men don’t wear lotion.  A small detail we had forgotten.  He sat one afternoon on the dock as we swam in the lake.  Completely covered except for his hands, they slowly baked in the sun.  I was horrified that night by the sight of them.  They have since healed.

Summer CookingI returned home a week later and then work took over with a rip tide effect.  Swept out to sea is what I’ve been for the past few weeks.

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One Response to An afternoon by the lake

  1. I love how you spent those quiet hours… glad your father’s hands have healed, oh dear. Thinking of you, much love sent…

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