It was a blast

Love Wins wall all drk

Last Sunday my neighborhood was filled with rain, rainbows and love.  The Gay Pride Parade marches past my block here in Chelsea.  This year it was particularly joyful.


Birds by the sea

June was a delightful month.  I made an effort to keep my work and life in balance by not traveling   I even played hooky for an afternoon and took off for the beach.  I met up with my friend Vita and we drove out to her cabana by the ocean.

When I first started working my mother and her siblings used to meet at the beach every Friday afternoon.  They’d gather under a purple umbrella along the edge of the shore at Field 5.  Anyone was welcome to meet them there.  In the cooler was extra food and under the umbrella, extra towels.  Many a Friday I wore my bathing suit under my work clothes.  If I was going to escape, not a moment was going to be wasted changing clothes.  I can’t tell you how many times I walked across a sandy hot beach in a work dress headed for the purple umbrella.   In a matter of seconds I’d peel that dress off to my beach attire underneath.  Afternoons like that were perfect.

This past Monday was kind of perfect too.  I didn’t wear work clothes to the beach but I had my suit on.

Lunch in June

I’m back on the road again come Monday.  A big sigh from me.   Still, it was heavenly just sleeping in my own bed every night.



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3 Responses to It was a blast

  1. tw says:

    I’m glad you managed to take at least a little time out for yourself Mae. That elusive balance is so important.

  2. nancyspoint says:

    Glad to hear June was a delightful month. Here’s to many more of those.

  3. LB says:

    The Purple Umbrella sounds great … a real beacon of light, color, and love.
    I’m so very glad that you took some time and worked on keeping that balance that you’ve talked about. You deserve that!

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