Play ball!

Soft Ball

It’s that time of year again.  The snap of the bat, cheers from the crowd and summer evenings that beg never to end.  Years ago I tried, really tried to engage in one sport or another to find the one I was good at.  Soft ball, flag football, baseball, volleyball and soccer.  I’m sure if I thought long and hard the list would be even longer.  The inevitable truth is, I’m not athletic.  Once while playing flag football, we were all out on the field and someone screamed, “What position is she playing?”  My teammate screamed back, “Nuisance!”  That summed up my abilities on the field.  I ended up dating the guy who called me nuisance which was probably one of the reasons I was out there in the first place.

Last week I sneezed and it blew my neck out.  I was away on business and couldn’t get to my chiropractor until yesterday.  She played my spine like it was a piano.  I couldn’t lift anything too heavy all week.   I told my Dad about my neck and he said, “Wait until you sneeze and your teeth fall out.  It’s not a pretty sight!”

“What other horrors await me?” I said in mock horror.

“It’s all still worth living for.”  He’s celebrating his 92nd birthday in a few weeks and often says he has no regrets.

It’s obvious with my various parts falling out of place and my vision less than what it once was, I will never play on a team for sport.  I will always enjoy cheering in the crowd.  There is nothing like a summer evening that begs never to end.

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4 Responses to Play ball!

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    You have a COOL dad, Mae.

  2. LB says:

    Your father’s comment cracked me up!

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