A whirlwind trip in Florida

Hat in Shadows

I am home.

Sweet sounding words for this tired soul. The past two weeks were an adventure none the less. Well, not so much an adventure as a journey involving work and friendship. Mostly friendship even in the case when work was supposed to be the focus.

Path in Captiva

I flew to Florida two weeks ago starting in Orlando, driving to a town outside of Tampa,  a bit of resting in Captiva for a company event and then finally conference meetings in Charlotte.  It was a nightmare to pack for and not as exhausting to live as it sounds.  I met with a variety of friends in each of those citys.  One is caring for her mother whose wandering days have been reduced to the challenge of leaving her hospital bed to a chair next to it.  My friends near Tampa are now dipping their toes into the luxury of retirement.  A chill goes up my spine still muttering those words.  How could my friends be retiring?    It does not seem that long ago that we were in our 20’s.  We used to drive up the coast at 3:00 AM to catch a ferry to Block Island for a weekend in the sun.  Now we sit and discuss ailments, misbehaving parents and I confess we got very excited finding flip flops with arch supports in a local store.  If we don’t sound ancient enough, we actually took a Sunday drive in the afternoon and enjoyed it!

Colleen had come along for the ride too.  I had warned her about the work part of this trip but after 4 feet of snow this past winter, she didn’t care.  It was the promise of sunshine and warmth that she couldn’t resist and seeing a few old friends.  I enjoyed having her ride shotgun in the car.

Chair in Captiva

The final portion of the trip was a work related event.  We spent four days with my colleagues on the beach.  I was not looking forward to it at all.  Standing in my bathing suit with anyone in the blaring sunlight is a nightmare let alone my coworkers.  It would be different if I still had the body that dashed up to Block Island.  THAT would be fun.

Instead of getting my 20 year old self back, I bought a coverup.  A fun one that made me look good but not like I was trying too hard.  It softened all of the lumps and bumps.  Standing with my coworkers wasn’t so bad after all.  We had fun and dare I say, maybe even became friends!

Palm trees along the beach




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5 Responses to A whirlwind trip in Florida

  1. Time does have a way of slipping up on us and changing everything!

  2. LB says:

    Hello Mae,
    I do love a good cove rup! In fact, I bought my first one this year 🙂 While your trip sounds over full, I’m glad you had someone riding shotgun with you AND that you saw lots of other friends.
    Funny thing … I finally just posted about my trip to Florida in March.

  3. marydpierce says:

    Just the mention of riding shotgun conjures up images of Thelma and Louise. Glad you had fun!

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