The promise of blooms

Pussy Willow bud


Hey, it’s almost spring.  Yes, it’s cold and grey outside and I’m still wearing my winter coat but the pussy willow is in bloom.  My grandmother used to say,”Ja, Ja.  Za pussy villow is za first flower und spring is not far behind.”  I always laughed as by the time these little furry blooms arrived in the yard, I was more than ready for sunnier days.  Bring on those higher temperatures, I’m ready!

This past weekend I set about decorating for Easter and the Farmers Market had bunches of Pussy Willow and Peach branches not yet in bloom.  I bought them as they harbored promises of blossoms for the days to come.  I like the idea of promises.



I admit that I had a hard time this year organizing for the celebration.  I’m told there was a blood moon that was causing havoc with everyones horoscopes and blamed my disorganization on that.  When things are going bad, it is always easier to point to outside factors than own the reason yourself.  Saturday night I still wasn’t sure I’d have everything ready.  Chairs held in storage for a year seemed to be crumbling at the touch.  It was at that hour I was so happy I had delegated parts of the meal to my siblings.

“What can I bring?”

That question would have been answered years ago with a sweet, “Just yourself.”  This year I said, ” the salad course.” and “the vegetables” and of course the most important item, “Wine, bring lots of wine.”  Gone are the days when I need to do it all with that special touch of twee.  I used to be amazing and my celebrations memorable.  At least I hope they were memorable as I would spend weeks preparing special butterfly cookies and tiny pots of grass for the table.  I don’t have the time or energy for that anymore.  Branches holding the promise of buds was all I could muster this year.


I did make a wonderful leg of lamb and at the eleventh hour, it all came together.  Everyone had a seat though not all of the seats were at the table.  Another small snafu was I had more guests than there was actually room for.  We made due and it got kind of funny.   The conversation flowed punctuated now and then by howls of laughter.  The salad course was amazing as was the tray of asparagus my brother made.  In fact, all the dishes and courses were wonderful as was the wine.

Easter Table I’m hoping you had a wonderful Easter too with a seat at or at least near a table!

Next week I’m headed to Florida to visit friends and warm my frozen bones.




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10 Responses to The promise of blooms

  1. elroyjones says:

    There is a certain energy shortage as time goes by. It’s nice to have a communal meal that is the result of a cooperative effort, worry lessens and hilarity increases. As usual, Mae, your celebration sounds delightful!

  2. Don Ostertag says:

    Sounds like you had a great time, Mae. Hope you have the same kind of relaxed fun down in Florida.

  3. LB says:

    You know, Mae, you are STILL wonderful!
    Enjoy the warmth of Florida. Breathe …

  4. tw says:

    Dear Mae, I’m sure you “used to be amazing” but you know what… you are amazing today and everyday. Gracious, kind, thoughtful and honest – those are all qualities of one amazing lady. I’m glad your Easter was enjoyable and wish you a happy, well earned break. PS, I found a pussy willow in my garden this week grown from who knows where. I stopped to admire its fuzzy buds, they remind me of childhood Springs with my Mother.

  5. nancyspoint says:

    I don’t have the energy “to do” celebrations like I used to do them either. Our Easter was very quiet. I mean very quiet. Just me, the hubs and one “child.” Sometimes quiet is just fine though. Hope you got your bones warmed up while in Florida. Visited the sunshine state myself last month. Seems like eons ago now. Spring is here, but it’s still very chilly.

  6. maesprose says:

    I’m hoping by the time you read this you have been as warmed up as I have. It was great to have a break. Now it’s back to chilly days and no waves to soothe the soul!

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