Watch out for the icy cold wind!

Wreath at Eileen's

I came home tonight and suddenly realized my Christmas wreath is still on the door.  It’s not the one pictured above but one made of pinecones.  I somehow missed that window from seasonally perfect to outdated eyesore.


A few weeks ago a gust of wind on one of those 3 degree mornings kissed my face.  That’s how I remember it anyway.  My face burned and then a few days later the headache began.

Steam and Herbs

My grandmother was born in 1896 high up in the Swiss Alps.  She said, “Ja, Ja” a lot as English was not her first language.  She had  a home remedy for just about everything.  When I was young fevers would run through our house knocking everyone down with illness.  When it was really bad, she’d show up with potions and remedies.  Our heads would be put under a towel hovering over bowls of herbs steeped in steaming water.  Soups and special teas were conjured up in the kitchen.    I wish I could remember more of what she did for us.

I knew I had a sinus headache and tried the “old ways” for a bit even muttering, “Ja, Ja” to try and conjure the spirit of my grandmother.  I can now attest to the fact that singing “Ja, Ja” does nothing.   My head pounded and I seemed to function in a fog behind the pressure that was building.  I held my head over a steaming bowls of herbs with a towel tent overhead.  It felt good and comforting but it wasn’t a cure.


I even made chicken soup from bones in my freezer from roast chickens past.  They make the best soup base and in the past three weeks I used up my stash which I had been collecting since August.  I was down to my last handful of bones and not feeling any better when I decided it was time for drugs, real drugs.  I think there is a country song in this somewhere.

The walk-in clinic agreed I had a major sinus headache.  Drugs were prescribed and the fog has been lifting.  That’s probably the reason I finally noticed the wreath on my door.  My biggest fear now is what else I will suddenly notice in the next few days.

Tomorrow we’re expecting a snowstorm and now that I’m feeling better, I’m hoping to take the skies out for a bit of cross-country.  I will be covering my face tightly to keep any wind kisses at bay.


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10 Responses to Watch out for the icy cold wind!

  1. Gary Holmes says:

    Somewhere a pharmaceutical executive just earned his wings.

  2. LB says:

    Glad you are finally feeling better! I’m sure the soup from the bones helped, even if they weren’t the cure. (I do love making soups out of the bones from various family meals!)

    • LB says:

      And by the way … I often don’t comment on your photography, because I’m so enamored with the stories you tell. The photos, though, are soft and lovely

      • maesprose says:

        Thanks Laurie! For the compliment on photography and yes, I am feeling much better. There really isn’t anything like a warm bowl of soup on a winter’s day.

  3. nancyspoint says:

    Great story about your sweet grandmother. Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with that nasty sinus crap. I laughed about the wreathe still on your door. I finally have all my winter stuff put away, even though we still have snow on the ground too. But spring will be here soon! In the mean time I hope you got/get some more skiing in. Thanks for the post.

  4. John says:

    I’m hoping that by now the sinuses are back to normal. Sometimes one needs an antibiotic. Or a grandmother … I think part of the magic is not the remedies, it is that someone else is helping you, loving you. Breathing in hot herbal scented steam is much better when someone else does all the work of getting it ready; when you’re sick, chicken soup is always better when someone else goes through all the effort.

    Antibiotics are the modern equivalent of grandmothers. 🙂

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