Winter Solstice

Wreath at Eileen's This is a season of short days and long nights.  Winter Solstice is tucked neatly between the beginning of Chanukah and Christmas this year seemingly balancing the celebrations filled with light. I chose to spend the longest night of the year writing Christmas cards.  I confess, the task made the night that much longer!  It has to be done though as there are so many more that need to be addressed. This is the time of year of numbers and tasks.  Pricing letters need to be addressed, year end sales figures tallied and then there is the shopping, baking and the actual act of gift giving.  My head is swirling with the need to accomplish so much in such little time.  It is no wonder I didn’t have a drop of Christmas spirit last week.  I called my sister Colleen and a friend that lived nearby.  I was driving past their homes in Connecticut and asked if I could stay the night.  I knew between the two, they would be able to infuse me with the holiday spirit I needed. Riccio tree We had dinner on Friday night.  There with a roaring fire and a meal that was perfect right down to the ice cream dessert.  We laughed until we nearly cried.  It was almost magical how the worries and tasks that haunt me daily were lifted.  Friendship and family, they really are such a gift when it is right. Ice Cream with Applesauce

Saturday Colleen and I drove to Farmington to visit the Hill-Stead Museum.  After a fun evening, this was the perfect spot to visit.  The house was decorated for the holidays and before I knew it, my heart was filled with good cheer.

I am still scrambling to get things accomplished and the next three days will prove to be a challenge.  Still, a weekend in the country filled with laughter and good food does wonders for the soul.  I am wishing all of you a Happy Winter Solstice and for those that celebrate – a wonderful holiday with family and friends too.

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4 Responses to Winter Solstice

  1. K C Eames says:

    Best wishes to you Mae.

  2. maesprose says:

    The same to you! I’m looking forward to 2015.

  3. LB says:

    Your country weekend sounds like just the recipe for getting into the spirit!
    I, too, am way behind … too many family, work, charity, and civic commitments got in the way this year. BUT i’ve decided that it just doesn’t matter. After all, who doesn’t appreciate cards and gifts and baked goods AFTER the holiday is officially over? (at least that is what I’m hoping!).
    Good luck to you and I’ll hope you enjoy some quiet moments … and alot more laughter!!!

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