Stardust in motion

Statue of Andrew Jackson

Statue of Andrew Jackson

Last night the cab driver joked as he lifted my suitcase into the trunk, “Do you have a dead body in this?”

He was making light conversation but I was beginning to feel like one myself after nearly two weeks of travel. I had barely enough time to recover from my trip to Scotland and the cold I caught while traveling when I was off to Cincinnati, New Orleans and then Austin. Whirlwind does not begin to describe the pace I was going at.  I knew it though the moment I set foot into October and just barreled on through.

St. Louis Cathedral

The trips were connected in timing but little else. This year Greenbuild was held in New Orleans and I took this as an opportunity to explore the city. The trade show itself highlights sustainability such as the Make It Right houses in the 9th Ward. I toured them and loved the architecture as well as materials used. I also viewed Bayou Bienvenue, which is a cypress swamp that is being restored to help as a barrier to hurricanes. It has been destroyed over the years by a shortcut developed in the 1950’s for tankers delivering oil. The shortcut no longer exists but the trees have yet to take hold. While in the 9th Ward, I stood on the levee listening to lectures on the measures taken so that the past can’t be repeated.

Looking across the levee in the 9th Ward

Looking across the levee in the 9th Ward

Back at the convention center, Deepak Chopra had us meditating in an auditorium. He really has an amazing mind and I picked up a book of his to read on my travels. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is a thin little book filled with deep thoughts.  He said during his lecture to just be present in the moment and I admit that advice was needed as I grasp hold of my agenda.  Too much anticipating what is coming next to really take note of the here and now.  He also mentioned we were all made of stardust and I secretly thought I might be a shooting one if I’m not careful!

Tracks by Bayou Bienville

Tracks by Bayou Bienville

The trolley to the Garden District was hopped mid week and I fell in love with Magazine Street. This is where the true locals go and I loved it for that. I did play tourist a few nights and the French Quarter remains one of the more interesting places to wander. It was an amazing week of fun and work nicely melded together. If you get a chance, I would tell you to go to New Orleans in a heartbeat.

Drinks in the French Quarter

Drinks in the French Quarter

From New Orleans, I flew to Austin for a wedding and then meetings. I love weddings where the bride and groom just glow. This was one of them and their happiness was contagious. Austin is another city I should really devote more time to. I tend to use it as a portal to come and go but this time I was able to explore more and know I will try to do more next time.

The meetings ended yesterday and that’s how I came to be standing with a cab driver in the middle of the street at midnight. The thought of another night on the road was unbearable so I took the last flight I could to get back to New York.

“Are you sure you didn’t pack a dead body in this?”

“No” I said. “Just a lot of great memories.

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8 Responses to Stardust in motion

  1. LB says:

    Okay Mae … when are you going to have a moment to process everything?
    You have indeed been racing from place to place but despite the busy schedule, it sounds like you loved Scotland, New Orleans, and the wedding.
    Glad to hear that!

  2. welcome home, Mae! I bet it is was soooo good to sleep in your own bed; now you can rest up a bit to be ready for a lovely time reviewing all those beautiful photos of your trip to Scotland. sweet deams and lots to still look forward to – NICE!

    much love,


  3. marydpierce says:

    Dead bodies in suitcases always makes me think of the movie “Rear Window.” I would have had to resist the urge to wink and put a finger to my lips if a cab driver had asked me that question.

    Seriously, though, I don’t think I know anyone who travels as much as you, and who gets so much out of it. I dream of going to New Orleans some day. Maybe you and Laurie B. should open a travel site? You’d be great together!

    Glad you’re back.

  4. nancyspoint says:

    Hi Mae,
    I hope you’re feeling a bit rested up by now. Traveling is exhausting even when you’re having a great time, at least it is for me. I love reading about other people’s travels. I have never been to New Orleans, or Austin either for that matter. So thanks for taking me on a little ‘trip’. And that’s a great line about the dead body in your suitcase. Love that movie too!

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