Coming up for air.

Time on Barn

I flew home from Scotland exactly a week ago yesterday.  My reentry into everyday life didn’t go as smoothly as expected.  If I had known jet lag would haunt me as it has, I wouldn’t have planned so many business meetings early in the week.  I did though and most days this past week found me hobbling around like a two-year old in need of a nap.  To make matters worse, I caught a virus of some kind on the flight back.  No, it’s not THE virus in the news but a more common strain that has my sinus cavities pounding and throat sore.  I went to see the doctor yesterday and he confirmed I was indeed sick but advised me to hang on before taking antibiotics.  “You need rest, lots of rest.  Try that for a day or two and see what your body can do.”  He is young, handsome and said it with such conviction that I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.  I’ve been eating lots of garlic, drinking mugs full of echinacea tea and bowls of chicken soup and resting. I feel like a helium balloon on the third day.  That was the day Franz, our pet cat growing up, would destroy all of the balloons.  I’m hoping to soar to new heights tomorrow.

Bowl of Garlic

I posted the bowl of garlic because the bowl is one of my souvenirs.  Yes, I’m getting around to writing about my trip.  Before going to the Isle of Skye, we stopped at a friend’s farm outside of Glasgow.  She bought an old barn from the 1500’s and has been renovating it into a wonderful home for herself, her horses, dog and as a welcoming stop for friends.  I was enchanted with the place from the moment I stepped foot onto the property.  As a woodworker and architect, she is creating many of the details herself.  That’s where the bowl came from.  It was sitting on the woodpile headed to the woodstove when I nabbed it.  Too thick and clumsy to the practiced eye, it was declared fuel long before my arrival.  I liked it though because it is a bit quirky and less than perfect.

Ali front barn view

Everyone has been asking me what I did while in Scotland and I have to confess, it doesn’t sound like much when put into a list form. I photographed nooks and crannies plus the many sheep that populate the backcountry roads of Scotland. More importantly, there was limited cell phone access and Internet. The most profound thing I did on my vacation was let go. Sure, my family was able to FaceTime me with careful planning as the five hour time difference proved challenging.  I may have also been accessing the server illegally.  I was never really sure.

Ali Barn

I was also able to upload IPhone photos from cafés we stopped in for lunch or tea. Telephone access and emails were less available and after the first few days of withdrawl, I enjoyed the peace and quiet in my mind. I think that is what helped make this such a wonderful vacation. Yes, my friend Freda I adore and Scotland was beautiful but for the first time in months I was able to focus solely on the present and none of it was work related. Over the next few days I will post the Polaroid photos of this trip. Freda taught me Lightroom at night and with 30 rolls to develop, I have a project that will last all winter long!

Lone Sheep

I will try and get to all of your posts in the next week.  My Internet service has been down for days and I’ve only been able to access the web randomly.  What seemed like heaven on vacation is a bit like hell now that I’m back working.  My sister Lisa says Mercury is retrograde.  My dealings with Verizon have been less than satisfactory and I keep expecting them to tell me it’s Mercury’s fault too.

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7 Responses to Coming up for air.

  1. K C Eames says:

    Welcome home Mae. Hope you knock the virus out quickly. Several gallons of chicken soup might just drown it. (:- D

  2. welcome home, Mae. sorry your re-entry was not so gentle with so much work and that crappy virus. I marvel at your being able to post photos (Love that rustic bowl filled with garlic!) and tell about your wonderful idyllic trip. just rest, and dream of all the beauty you soaked up – and feel well soon.

    much love,

    Karen OOXOO

  3. LB says:

    I’ll echo the others with a happy welcome home and a wish for health soon! Your vacation sounds like what a vacation should be – restful, soul and body restoring, happy. Forget the “12 countries in 12 days” or the packed to the gills” overload. If it takes all winter to reflect and document, no worries! It’ll happen

  4. marydpierce says:

    Welcome home! Sorry about the dreaded airplane virus — hope you shake it soon. Love the photos, especially the bowl of garlic. There is nothing like a good wooden bowl!

  5. nancyspoint says:

    HI Mae,
    I am sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Travel is so exhausting and then on top of it to catch a bug is no fun at all. Now you need a vacation from your vacation, right? And to have internet troubles too…Looking forward to reading more about your trip. Nice photos. Love the bowl!

  6. Terry says:

    chicken soup always does the trick!

  7. John says:

    I am about a week behind on my blog reading — had a lovely, 12 page research paper for school. Joy of joys. I’d almost trade you the cold for the research paper. 🙂

    I do hope, all these days later, that, like the helium balloons, the cold has gone its merry way.

    Looking forward to seeing the Scotland photos. It’s on my “to go to” list …

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