Spin and Win 1

It’s official, the month of May is over.  This morning I wanted to scream, “That’s a wrap!  Roll the credits.”  I’m not a big fan of the month of May.  It harbors memories and anniversaries that could be considered emotional land mines.  I wrote about it here two years ago.

Sign Las Vegas

The credits for May included my trip to Las Vegas, hiking in Mount Zion State Park and more importantly a sense of accomplishment.  I hiked with a full camera pack in Mount Zion.  It was the first time since 24 lymph nodes were removed from my arm and my heart did sing.  It was pure coincidence that the week I had my four-year cancerversary and my 40th anniversary from nearly becoming road kill that I should be out harnessing my fears and actual physical challenges.  My arm will never be right but I’m learning how to push what I can’t do and winning a few “can do’s” along the way.

Snow Canyon Parking lot

So what did I do on the first day of June?

I met up with my sister Colleen and old friends.  We toured gardens in Madison, CT.  I took the train instead of driving.  Friday night, I returned home late after a week in Texas for computer training.  I inadvertently left the keys to my apartment in the lock of my front door.  Ten hours later, I found them dangling there after searching my apartment for nearly an hour.  It’s obvious, I’m tired. Knowing Madison is a good two-hour drive from Manhattan, I decided to take Metro North.

Grand Central so very dark

Grand Central has magical memories for me.  I brought a New Year in once dancing a Viennese Waltz around the center clock as live orchestra played.  I wore a green velvet dress that a friend loaned me for the night.   Between the music and the dance, I could not contain my exuberance that such a moment was mine.  I still savor the memory.

There was a summer when I used to spend the weekends up in Westin, CT.  Sunday evenings would find me stumbling past the clock with a treasure or two found at a local tag sale.  I can still point out these treasures in my apartment.

Tonight I didn’t bring home any extra items.  I didn’t glide past the clock to any special beat.  Instead, I just stood in the center of it all just smiling.  The day was beautiful, it was good seeing my friends and it’s June.

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4 Responses to June

  1. Gary Holmes says:

    what a great way to launch June!

  2. LB says:

    Welcome June! Congrats on the hike with the full camera pack!!
    Thanks for sharing the link from two years ago. May has not been good to you! Scary accident all those years ago … I’m glad you don’t remember much.
    It always breaks my heart when I have to break the news to the survivor of one cancer that another may be present. One of the women I see shares your story.
    And she, like you, is doing great! So onward into June!!

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