Memorial Day Weekend



Flag in Northport Harbor

Memorial Day.

It’s a sad holiday that also symbolizes the start of my favorite season. A weekend of yin and yang. I spent Sunday with my favorite veteran. He wore a paper poppy wrapped around a button on his shirt.  He’s remembering faces of those who fought by his side.

Poppy 1

When I see the poppy I am reminded that once we had an uncle.  He died in the war and there is nothing left but a few photos and memories kept alive by his brother.  Buried at sea 72 years ago.  My father holds a bouquet of paper poppies and I take one to honor other aunts and uncles who are also missing.    The souls who have fought for me.  I wear it for the rest of the weekend.

We had a barbecue and installed an air conditioner in his bedroom.  He was happy for the attention though we wore him out a bit running up and down stairs.  I also weeded in the garden and decided that the dandelion blooms were blooms just the same.  They decorated the table as we ate.  I collected the greens to eat in my salad on Monday.  He doesn’t use pesticides or even fertilizers.  My father’s weeds are organic.

Dandelions It really was the perfect weekend.  A bit of rain, then sunshine, flowers all in bloom and lots of sleep.  The perfect start to summer.


I hope all of you had a wonderful three days too!

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6 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend

  1. marydpierce says:

    Summer is my favorite time of year, too.

    I’m sorry for your family’s loss during the War. My father was a little too young to go to war, but his uncle went and, fortunately, returned safe. He brought back a Belgian tapestry for his sister – my grandmother – which I now have. It covers the cedar chest she also gave me. I often look at that tapestry and think about all those brave men (and women) so far from home and probably scared.

    I’m glad you still have your father with you, and that you had a pleasant weekend. Happy summer to you, Mae!

  2. LB says:

    Mae, you have such a way of writing that we all really feel … the joy, the memories, the poignancy, the happy, and the tired.
    Glad you had such a great weekend! Welcome summer!

  3. nancyspoint says:

    What a lovely post to honor those who served and those lost, but certainly not forgotten. I’m sorry for your family’s loss all those years ago. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to witness dear comrades fall… that’s another kind of survivor’s guilt that surfaces for some veterans I suppose.

    Summer isn’t my favorite season, but gosh this year I’m a little happier than usual to realize it’s finally here! It was a long winter. I always consider Memorial Day weekend the start of summer.

  4. maesprose says:

    Thanks Nancy! This past winter was too much. I’ve grown to love summer….

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