Red Mountain Resort and Spa

Rocks My suitcase lays half-open on my living room floor.  I just can’t unpack anymore tonight.  It was a whirlwind week followed by a whirlwind weekend of family and friend events.  It’s hard to believe exactly seven days ago to the very hour I was arriving at the Red Mountain Resort and Spa.  It took me eight hours of flying and then another three in a shuttle driving up Rt 15.  The drive itself is two hours but I spent an additional hour waiting for it to leave the airport parking lot.  Saint Georges, Utah is an easy drive and in hindsight I should have rented a car.

Eleven hours of travel can wear on a girl and I arrived at the reception desk a complete nerve end.  My suitcases and exhausted soul were loaded into a golf cart to be taken to my room.  The attendant driving me moved so slowly that all I wanted to do was snap my fingers and scream, “Hurry up so I can relax!”  I resisted.  Deep breaths will do wonders for frayed nerves and they will also keep you from annoying everyone around you.  The attendant casually pointed out the flowering cactuses and I nodded in appreciation while holding my fingers in place.

Cactus in Bloom

I stayed at the resort for a mere two days.  That’s not enough time to fully relax and certainly not when one of them is spent hiking in Mount Zion National Park.  The spa had a day trip scheduled and I couldn’t resist.

Mount Zion

We hiked 3 trails and the day was just beautiful.  Yes, a massage would have been nice but seeing such magnificent sights was far more rewarding.  I’m not sure exactly where on the trail I finally relaxed.  It could have been the moment I turned off my phone and let my work worries go for a few hours.

Mount Zion PeaksLate Tuesday morning a coworker picked me up so that we could drive down to Las Vegas together.  She had been visiting family and we were both working at a trade show in Las Vegas.  I waited for her on a chair outside reception and knew that my two-day vacation was a success.  I couldn’t take my eyes off a cactus that was about to flower.

Relaxation  I’m going back again the next time I have meetings in Las Vegas and it will be for a longer period of time.  If you have a chance, you should go too!


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2 Responses to Red Mountain Resort and Spa

  1. LB says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your all too brief stay at the spa. Mae, I hope you can find the time to fit more relaxation time into your busy schedule!

  2. maesprose says:

    I did this weekend! Lot’s of rest. I’m hoping you were on your bike!

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