Happy Easter


Easter Vigil 2014

Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  I went to Easter Vigil last night and admit sitting in the dark holding a candle was the most soothing way to begin celebrations.  I haven’t gone overboard decorating but just gathering the ingredients for the dinner had my legs weary by the time Mass began.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the movie Babette’s Feast but I feel like that is the sort of meal I am preparing – only hers is so much greater.

Easter 2014

The table is set with chocolate thrown randomly throughout.  That’s a throw back to my own childhood dreams.  Chocolate excess for a day is for me the only way to celebrate.

Easter Candy 2014

My father comes in by train.  He insisted on traveling into the city on his own.  A last push for independence and we all agreed.  With just months until his 91st birthday we know to cherish him and his wishes.  My brother saw him off and my sister will greet him at the station.  He will have 60 minutes to prove he still can do things without assistance.  Then there will be naps all around as he will be exhausted and our nerves will have been frayed.   I wish you all a wonderful day.  Spring has begun here and this year it was hard won.

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7 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. marydpierce says:

    What a lovely day you have planned. I’m with you on the chocolate excess. Easter and Christmas were the only two days of the year that my siblings and I were allowed that. It made those days all the more special.

    I have seen and love Babette’s Feast. Oh, that I were a fly on your kitchen wall to watch you prepare. . .

    Happy, happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Gary Holmes says:

    Happy Easter! I just went out for a walk and was surprised at how deserted Route 1 was. I guess this is one holiday where people just try to relax.

  3. Greg says:

    I couldn’t get my hands on any Easter Eggs out here as nobody celebrates. I was going to make hot cross buns yesterday but unfortunately a hangover got in the way :(.
    Not a very Eastery Easter. Looks like you had a nice day planned! Hope it went well.

    • maesprose says:

      I thought for a minute there you decided to make an Easter Swamp! My celebration was great but I’ve got a food hangover today – a sign of a good time!

      • Greg says:

        I’m afraid I lack the necessary bath tub for an Easter swamp… Still, I had some time off yesterday and made some hot cross buns. A little late, but good nontheless!

  4. tw says:

    Happy Easter Mae, hope you had plenty of chocolate and a very good time with your amazing Dad

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