A hint of spring


Umbrella drink 1

It was hot, sunny and simply perfect weather for this snow bunny last weekend.  I arrived in Florida on Tuesday and stayed until Sunday.  The first part of the week was work but the last half of the week I worked on doing nothing at all.  It’s actually harder than you think.

Beach Umbrellas

I was there as a reward from my company for a job well done.  These events tend to be weird in general and even odder when you’re in your bathing suits on a beach.  There are things I just don’t want to see and other things I prefer to keep hidden.  I said my hellos and then disappeared to a secluded part of the resort.  It’s a trick I learned from a friend’s mother who always made a loud entrance and then got lost in the crowd as the evening progressed.  She’d slip away quietly when she had enough of small talk and such.  It’s a skill worth mastering.

Palm trees 1Colleen came with me and by Sunday neither one of us wanted to go home.  We couldn’t bear the thought of leaving behind warm, sunny days or being lulled by the waves hitting the shore.  Home we flew though and I was wearing my boots and winter coat by nightfall.  Dare I say, it was down right depressing  standing on the sidewalk in my winter coat.  I could have just cried with woeful sobs but refrained.  After all, I have the memories and a bit of sand still falls from my shoes.  Summer will be here soon enough.

Hint of Spring

Tuesday night I went up to Central Park to see if spring had arrived.  There was a hint with daffodils beginning to bloom.  It was a welcome sight and suddenly the winter chill that refuses to leave doesn’t seem so unbearable.  Patience.


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6 Responses to A hint of spring

  1. K C Eames says:

    Love the images. They work perfectly with the post.

  2. LB says:

    Lovely post and I’m so glad you found spring in NY!
    Florida sounds heavenly, and I have to say that I love the “loud entrance / slow disappearance” trick! Good to know 🙂

  3. Colleen says:

    We need to teach winter about that entrance and exit strategy…

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