Valentine's Ornament

I admit it, I’m into Valentine’s Day this year.

Don’t sigh in horror. I didn’t see this one coming either.  Traditionally, I roll my eyes when this holiday comes along.  This year is different.

Valentine's Hand

This is the year two of my friends daughters turned 6, and another is 4.  It’s been 13 years since I hung with 6 year olds and I forgot how pure and happy an age that is.  It’s suffice to say, Valentine’s Day is right up their alley and hence, I caught the fever too.

Last Saturday it was another freezing cold day and my friend K. and her daughter Chloe were suffering from a bad case of cabin fever.  They were howling into the phone like two trapped wolves when I called just to catch up.  I said I’d come over and on the way I passed a paper store.  Well, passed isn’t the right term as I found myself buying paper and sparkly stickers within.  We spent the evening in girl paradise cutting, pasting and producing sparkly gestures of love.  My father isn’t going to know what hit him when he opens his package later this week.  He’ll probably worry that I lost my mind.

Valentine's Paper

It’s not just my dad whose getting a package but friends and family too.  Chloe’s enthusiasm was contagious.  Simple paper Valentine’s were all I needed to send a bit of love and good cheer.  Nothing deep and certainly not soppy.  Some people recieved dark chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil too along with their cards.  I’ve read dark chocolate is good for the heart.

Since I don’t have your addresses, pick one of the hearts pictured above and consider it yours on Friday.

This morning all I kept thinking was – Thank heaven for six year old girls!  I think it’s going to be a good week.

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14 Responses to Valentine

  1. I so agree with you. What would life be like without six year olds and those of us who are six years old at heart?

  2. Dean B says:

    Not a big fan of Valentine’s either, but I agree with you, young children certainly make it worthwhile 🙂

  3. LB says:

    and you will receive love back in return … the happy exclamations from friends and family!

  4. nancyspoint says:

    Reading this made me smile. As a former elementary teacher I know exactly how you’re feeling. Of all the traditional holiday parties we had in school, the Valentine’s Day one was always my favorite one. The kids just loved making all those lovely heart projects and opening their valentines which were so carefully prepared and signed by their classmates. Thanks for stirring up some fond memories. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  5. dear Mae,
    oh, what joy to have spent such a charming day with the girls! kids really do take us back to the sheer purity of their love and wonder. I’m having valentines’ day with my grandchildren and their parents on sunday – they have been dying to tell me what they’ve made for me – secrets are so delicious. HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY TO YOU, MAE!

    much love and light,

    Karen p.s. thanks for the heart – I chose the big pink one on the left!

  6. elroyjones says:

    “girl paradise” says it all.

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