A “Slob Storm” was predicted.

Madison Sq Park

I first heard about the storm on Sunday.

I was visiting with my friend Paula and we got to talking about the weather when her son chimed in, “A real slob storm is headed our way on Wednesday.”

“Slob storm?” I said it half amused as the sound alone was worth a chuckle. He continued though, “Yes, a mix of snow, sleet and rain. A real mess.”

We had a snow storm on Monday which was very neat and concise here in the city. Just a few inches to form a white blanket of beauty, a bit of slush on the streets and nothing more. This morning though proved to be the predicted mess I was warned about.  Slush puddles formed deep and wide at the street corners.  Of course, it was the very street corners I had to cross on my way to this appointment or that.  It’s at moments like those I secretly wish I could figure out how to make waders a fashionable trend.

Madison Sq Park Clock Tower

To combat the “cabin fever” these stormy days are giving me, I decided to take a cooking class over at Haven’s Restaurant.  They had a class on Vegetarian Cuisine and I signed up the moment I saw it.  Ever since being diagnosed with cancer, I have questioned everything I eat and am on the computer constantly checking the various teas and foods for estrogen content.  Gone are the days of carefree gluttony as I ponder farm raised fish, GMO’s, pesticides and finally estrogen.  A brush with my mortality combined with digging deeper into the details of my food sources has sent shivers up my spine.    I gave up beef, gluten and am just about dairy free.  I am slowly becoming a vegetarian with just a hint of carnivore – that might actually be a Mediterranean diet.  I get confused on these matters.  What I do know is my weakness is dark chocolate and there were moments this past winter that I really could have used an intervention.  I digress though.

Haven's Restaurant

The thing about Haven is the setting is beautiful.  There’s an old farm table where we eat the meal we’ve all prepared together and then there are the flowers on the table.  It’s just what I dream my everyday life should be and somehow can’t seem to make it so.  This particular class was really calm with easy recipes to follow.  We made Quinoa burgers and a lovely squash dish with roasted kale.  I have to admit by the time we sat down to eat I had forgotten I had arrived in a down coat that strongly resembles a sleeping bag with sleeves.  Need I say, it is not slimming.  I had actually forgotten everything and just melted into the moment.

Haven's Restaurant dish

Rumor has it there is a winter storm headed our way on Sunday.  I’m contemplating taking another cooking class.  I wouldn’t mind exploring soups, stews or maybe even curries.  Anything to escape the winter blues.

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15 Responses to A “Slob Storm” was predicted.

  1. Natalia says:

    That first image of this post is so beautiful, I keep forgetting what I just read and go back to look at it:) You are a magician of polaroids!

  2. Daile says:

    Beautiful photos as always Mae. I have a similar diet to you and really consider everything I put into my body (except me wine intake…) I am a practical vegetarian and find it works for me as cooking for one can be a challenge. I love a good veggie curry, stew or soup! Makes me crave Winter although it’s hot as heck in Australia at the moment!

  3. LB says:

    So how was that Quinoa burger????

  4. K C Eames says:

    Great images great writing. You are definitely a-Mae-zing.

  5. John says:

    I think I may have mentioned this before … but, we are pretty much vegetarian. We don’t eat any meat and home, and limit our diary (I just can’t give it up completely… gotta have the yogurt and cheese!) Gave up beef several years ago — the smell made me queasy. The only time we eat meat is if we go somewhere and the vegetarian options are “dinner salad”, and then it’s pork or chicken, but never more than a few ounces. We talked about giving it up completely, but, we’re hoping to travel more in the future, and, it’s good to keep your body used to a little bit of meat. One can’t always find vegetarian meals in exotic countries. But, it’s amazing how much better we feel. I’ve been able to get off my high-blood pressure meds. And, it is surprisingly easy to cook vegetarian.

    And, it’s easy to adapt old recipes too … throw some lentils in pasta sauce instead of ground beef, etc ..

    but, I blab…

    I think you, like most of the rest of us, are looking forward to a bit of Spring weather, and some longer daylight hours!

    • maesprose says:

      Yes, I am in need of sunnier days. I confess though, there is another big storm coming on Thursday and I bought new skis to venture out in. I am excited and never fear there will be a report!

      You have mentioned that you have gone vegetarian too. I admit, I find myself in need of new recipes. That’s why I really enjoyed last week.

      • John says:

        Let me ask … what kind of cook are you? Are you experienced? Able to see a recipe and adapt it to suit you? Or are you a step-by-step with lots of photos kind of cook?
        (I ask, because I have a couple of cookbook recommendations, if you want ….)

      • maesprose says:

        I would say I was experienced…. I would welcome any cookbook suggestions!

      • John says:

        So, I’m a little behind on my response to this, but, when one is reading Shakespeare for a grade, one’s brain is a bit fried most of the time, so I wasn’t thinking about cookbooks. 🙂

        But, a couple of cookbooks that I enjoy

        How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bittman. I think this is indispensable. It’s rather encyclopedic, and a few drawings (no gorgeous photos here), but it gives you basics for everything, and ideas on how to make your own version as you go along (I must admit, that against his advice, I use canned beans because here in the Mile High city, beans take FOREVER to cook from scratch.)

        I really like “Simple Suppers” by The Moosewood Restaurant. It really is simple ideas for things that can be prepared rather quickly; and the recipes are easy to scale to make smaller portions (my mom doesn’t eat vegetarian). And, many of the recipes for the main dish ideas suggest other recipes for the sides. So it’s easy to plan a full meal. (Moosewood does tend to have more dairy/seafood recipes than other vegetarian books, but, it’s easy enough to substitute those out).

        1,000 Vegetarian Recipies is good also — some of the food is a bit bland, which is why I asked about your experience level. Experience can make a difference in knowing how to add/subtract from a recipe to suit your own taste. But, there are lots of good ideas.

        Robin Robertson has several Veg and Vegan cookbooks, and I own most of them. Again, some need to be adjusted for your own palette, but they’re all pretty basic and simple.

        The Forks Over Knives cookbook (which is vegan) is really good.

        Rose Elliott’s “The New Complete Vegetarian” is one of my favorites, though there’s no shortage of dairy. She is English, and the recipes are decidedly English. But they’re generally simple and comforting.

        Deborah Madison has a book “The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone”. There is a new, revised edition coming out in mid-March. I’ve got the second revised edition, and love it. It’s like the Bittman book, very encyclopedic, and some of the recipes require some time to make. The non-recipe information alone makes the book worth the price. This book, and the Bittman book are cookbooks you curl up with and read. They’re not just recipes with a little blurb intro. There is a great deal of information about technique, prep, nutrition.

        And, while it’s not all vegan, Vegetarian Times magazine is a good source of recipes — they have many recipes online too. I subscribe via Amazon (it’s less than $2 an issue), and get the emag version. It looks very good on the iPad.

        And, if you love cookbooks, just to have — Plenty, and Jerusalem by Ottolenghi are worth owning because you always need a couple of cookbooks full of recipes that are so complex that you dream of making them, but know you probably won’t. Food porn. 🙂

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