A little pie and thanks

squash vase

This is the year that Thanksgiving crashed into Chanukah with Christmas just a few steps behind. Whew, I feel behind before the holidays even start! Deep breath, I refuse to panic. The season is about friendship, love and family. Isn’t it? Thankfulness too and I am thankful.  As I was walking around today I was thinking of all the people who passed this year and then I started thinking about all the people who were born.  I don’t write about births much.  Still, just three weeks ago my friend Megan had me over to meet her new daughter Wren.  Since Wren is baby number two, Megan handed her to me the moment I walked in the door and left her in my arms for nearly 2 hours.  The first child is usually coveted but the second and third are always handed over freely.  I loved every moment I had with Wren.  There is nothing like a new life to remind you what a great gift it is and really just how precious.  Wren nuzzled and I smelled her head.  I love the smell of a baby’s head.

squash vase

We went out to my Dad’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Growing up there were nearly 30 of us squeezed into my grandparents apartment.  That was after they retired and sold their farm.  The Thanksgivings at the farm still live on in stories with pies and someone falling out the window one year.  Laughter still emanates from the stories told of that time and it has gotten so that the tales told have nearly outlived all who were actually there.

Pumpkin Pie

My father’s gathering had a mere 6 in attendance.  There was a pumpkin pie and no one fell out the window.   We are still in Thanksgiving transition after the extended family stopped gathering together due to my aunt’s illness.  She has dementia and finally my uncle agreed he just couldn’t handle everyone coming over.  We got the call a mere week before the actual holiday.  That was nearly 5 years ago and our little fraction is still missing the old traditions.  Granted, in that time since my mother died, another aunt went insane and I was ill myself.  It’s hard to build new traditions while emotionally reeling.  Still, we’re striving to find the right guest list, the right food combination or even the decor.  We’re hoping and waiting for that one golden year when there is a lot of pie and window railing is needed.

I know not all of you celebrate Thanksgiving but I’m thankful for all of my cyber friends and family.  I’ll pass the virtual pie your way!



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8 Responses to A little pie and thanks

  1. LB says:

    Mae, that photo of the pie is really great! I’ll hope for not enough pie and really strong railings in future gatherings! Be sure to breathe this month … I try to keep a Thanksgiving mindset (family, food, friends, love) through the commercial side of Christmas. Not easy, is it?

  2. Coleen says:

    Well said…who knew that falling out the window would be something we would be thankful for. May the coming year be full of “falling out the window” moments – literally – only!

  3. K C Eames says:

    Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us Mae. I have memories of my own clan of 30+ gathered for Thanksgiving too. (No one ever fell out of a window that I can recall.) This year there were four of us but what a great four we are.

    Any chance I could snag a second piece of pie from you? (:- D

  4. Terry says:

    So, who flew out the window??

    • maesprose says:

      I think is was Cousin Willie… he’s the guy that set my parents up on their first date. My mother used to say that Willie needed an audience when taking a girl out. The two of them were there to act as “table fill”.

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