I know exactly how those pumpkins feel!

Angry Squash


My mood lately is a bit like these pumpkins.  I find myself sitting around growling a lot.  Don’t worry, it’s not the full moon that’s causing these guttural notes from escaping my lips.  Work has gotten a bit out of hand with a computer project that has me tethered to a printer in my living room and imputing all kinds of dry information into a database.  It’s dull and a bit mind numbing.  I think what frightens me most is I know the project is going to last a few weeks.  I can’t imagine what my mood will be like when I type in my last word.


The leader of the pack


I had my eyes checked this past week and would you believe they improved.  I was shocked and it explained why I keep wearing my glasses on top of my head. I immediately thought it must be my consumption of organic kale. Fishing for a dietary compliment I said, “That’s amazing.  Is that normal to have your eyes change for the better?”  

The doctor said, “Oh that happens sometimes when you get old.”  

Yup,  I walked right into that one!

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4 Responses to I know exactly how those pumpkins feel!

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Those pumpkins look pretty wild. Try to take it easy this week! More poetry – less motion..:>

  2. Thanks for the laugh and now I know why my husband’s eyes improved from the last time he had them checked. I understand what you’re saying about the mind numbing job. At least once a week, I have a day of data entry on a spread sheet and sometimes, I feel myself falling asleep.

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