Nothing in particular


Rockers I was traveling this week with customers.  We fly around on a Lear and then tour manufacturing plants in the United States.  It’s fun except this week something was off.  I brought my computer but forgot the electrical cord.  On the way to one of the airports, my GPS recalculated herself over and over again and no, she wasn’t telling me to do anything in particular.  I found the airport the old fashioned way.  Yes friends, my brain was put to use and it still hurts from the strain.  It was little things like that which kept going wrong.  Tiny snags in the fabric of my day.  One of the nights a Bed and Breakfast I booked us into had these welcoming rockers on the porch.  I wanted to melt into one of them and watch the sunset.  You can’t do that as the host so I dreamed about it in my head.

Trees and shadowThe view from the porch had these trees and a creek in the distance.  What you can’t see is the young couple sharing a bottle of wine crouched in the weeds.  You could hear them whispering but no particular words floated my way to give a hint as to the conversation.  I secretly hoped they spoke of dreams and love but that’s the girl in me.  For all I know, they were hiding from the local sheriff.

Fifth AvenueIt wasn’t until I got back to New York that I was finally able to relax.  The photo above is Fifth Avenue and 16th Street early this morning.  I was on my way to the Farmer’s Market with my straw bag.  I like to pretend I am French but my attire is completely American.  I wear sneakers and exercise clothes as I am headed to yoga after this excursion.  If I were in France, I would be wearing an ironed dress of some kind and comfortable leather shoes.  You can’t see the blue sky in the photo but it was perfect.  There was a crispness in the air that announced autumn which is perfect for making soup.

Flowers from the Market By happenstance, my first stop was at the flower stand.  Within moments, bunches of dried Hydrangea filled my bag and I ended up having to make two visits to the market.  I didn’t want to crush the flowers with added produce.  I love to fill old jugs with them and then place them in various corners of my apartment.  At Christmas, I fill the holes in our Christmas tree with these dried flowers.  It’s really very pretty.

Cherries 1On my second trip to the market I bought actual food.  Today I ventured beyond my comfort zone and purchased Husk Cherry Tomatoes.  I wanted to photograph them – the result I am not pleased with.  Polaroids take 30 minutes to develop and that’s when I realized the lighting was wrong.  I can’t retake the photo because I ate the props in the lapsed 30 minutes.  They were a bit addictive.  Let’s hope they are still “in season” on Wednesday!

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7 Responses to Nothing in particular

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I really like your photographs. Are you using polaroid film or an APP? My Husband was in NYC for three days this week on a course in the financial district. He didn’t get a chance to look around much as time was tight but we plan to go back some day together. I enjoyed wondering about the young couple too…now I’m curious 😀

    • maesprose says:

      I use a Polaroid camera with Impossible Project film. I think the link is on my camera page. I haven’t looked at it lately. The film is temperamental and still being tweaked at the lab. A group purchased the factory in Poland but the original “recipe” for the film contained chemicals forbidden these days. I love it all the same for the fact it is so unpredictable.

  2. elroyjones says:

    “Tiny snags in the fabric of my day.”
    “For all I know, they were hiding from the local sheriff.”
    “I like to pretend… .”
    Loved the lines, love that you pretend, I pretend too. Happy Sunday, Mae.

  3. LB says:

    Such a lovely post and a laugh out loud when you said you ate the props!!! 🙂

  4. Daile says:

    You take such beautiful photos. I love the story about dreams and love – I would think the same 🙂

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