Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Last weekend they were filming a scene for A Person of Interest down the block from me.  The filming itself was in the store Olde Good Things but the fuss and lighting spilled out onto the street.  I confess, I love movie and television sets.  Creativity can be felt in the air and I revel in being able to breathe it.  I’ve never actually watched this particular show but will look for it now that my neighborhood has a cameo in it!

Life has been a bit of a whirl since I last wrote.  Family obligations and then travel for work overlapped so that I had to cling to my calendar to remind me where I was and where I was off to.  There was a day when I knew I had to get to LaGuardia Airport at a specific time but had forgotten most of the details.

“Which of the Carolinas are you going to?”

Lisa asked me this over the phone as I repacked my bag in a hotel room.  I thought about it but could only answer,”I’m not sure.  Either North or South.”

I wasn’t being snippy, I was in a full swing of running from one moment to the next and as the words tumbled out of my mouth I realized I was over scheduled.  When I had gotten sick my life came to a crashing halt.  I didn’t know I could be so still and it felt mournfully wrong.  I lived from one doctor’s appointment to the next and longed for days when I dashed about.  Days when I had the freedom to run from one moment to the next without worrying about my health or if I had a future at all.  I have to admit though that now that I am working at full tilt, this isn’t how I want to be.

South Beach chairs 2

I was in South Beach, Florida this past week.  When I packed late Sunday night it hadn’t occurred to me where I was going exactly.  The plans had been made last August and as I have recently confessed, I am sketchy on details.  I know what meetings I have and what I plan to discuss but the rest is really just details.  It wasn’t until I stood on the balcony of my hotel room with the ocean before me that I regretted my suitcase was filled with business attire.  It was 91 humid degrees and the ocean a clear inviting green.

The trade show I attended wasn’t crowded and I was able to finish up at a decent hour with 3 hours to spare before my dinner meeting began.  My associate Tom was driving and when we passed Macy’s on the way back to the hotel I blurted out, “Do you mind circling the block a bit while I run in and buy a bathing suit?”

South Beach chairs 1

I have never in my life been able to buy anything in 15 minutes and yet… it took him 3 circles around the block and a moment to check emails and I was back in his car.  Is the suit wonderful?  Ummm – no.  Still, it’s not absolutely horrible and in a half hour I was swimming in the ocean.  As I lay on my back in the salty sea,  I realized I need to build in this kind of time too.  It was heavenly and so needed even if I was wearing something I’m not sure I actually like.    Somehow, I’ve lost control.  Family demands, work demands and even exercise demands leave me little time to just lollygag.  Do you remember the days when lollygagging took hours?  I’m suddenly hoping you even know what lollygagging is!  With that in mind, I’m looking at my schedule and trying to work in time to just relax. You want to go for a swim?



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8 Responses to Person of Interest

  1. LB says:

    I love the story about buying the suit! And even more that you got in that ocean and floated! Women are overscheduled, multi-taskers (“of course I can do that too”) and for that reason, it’s easy to crash and burn. Good for you for recognizing you needed that time in the ocean. Lollygag away!!!!

  2. maesprose says:

    Thanks. I’m debating if I should try the suit on again today and really look at it or just throw it into one of my secret compartments in my suitcase to use whenever I spy a pool worth dipping into. I’m working on the lollygagging but have yet to actually do it!

  3. elroyjones says:

    Oooooooh so THIS is what you meant. Mae, how did we get so busy? For the record, I am opposed to it!

  4. John says:

    Lollygagging and I are well acquainted. 🙂

  5. I love that show! Did you get a look at any of the actors? As for Lollygagging, I do have vague memories of doing that. I hope to be able to do it again in 3 years when I retire and become a full time writer.

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