Heading back to the daily grind

Hammock 1

I am back from vacation and admit I’m not happy about it. I’ll refrain from whimpering while you’re here but once left alone the heavy sighs will begin. I had a wonderful time with my family. This was the year though that I realized it was fleeting and that I should really enjoy and embrace the sunny days offered. My father at 90 is starting to forget small things and struggles if we do too much. He tries to hide his growing weakness but we are watching like hawks and know. In comparison to others his age, he is robust. We quietly planned the day around naps and even though we were careful, we wore him out.

A lazy afternoon

On the drive up I told Lisa, “Just make sure I don’t stay on the Internet too long. I’ve developed a bad habit of staying up until one in the morning reading blogs and just cruising the Internet.” She nodded her head while watching our progress on her IPod. “The left is coming up in a few miles and you should know your way from there.” We were headed into Great Barrington and my last really good cup of coffee for the duration of our vacation. I brew my own when up by the lake, which is dismal, compared to a barista created latte. Eventually, I should take lessons.

Summer Breeze

There is no way Lisa could have monitored my late night activities. We were staying in different rooms with many walls separating us. In the end, the service up there in the woods was so spotty I had just enough service to post annoying captures of fun on my Facebook account from my phone. I read books instead of blogs, which put me to sleep by 11. This in turn with all of the planned nap times, lake swimming and sun soaking helped me unwind a little bit more everyday. Geese calling out to one another as they flew overhead lulled me even further into a state of contentment. After a week, I was a sack of calm pudding playing scrabble in the early evenings. It was exactly what I needed.


Tomorrow, I’m back at work. Remnants of my vacation temperament linger like the light scent of perfume on a party dress days after I wandered home in it. That too will fade by the end of the week. By then, plans for new adventures will be in the works.

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6 Responses to Heading back to the daily grind

  1. LB says:

    I LOVE “a sack of calm pudding”! Perfect sentiment. I hope the lovely memories carry you through the first few days back from vacation. Glad you had such precious time with family (and the lake, the geese, naps, and sun).

    • maesprose says:

      Though in hindsight, I’m not sure what a sack of calm pudding is! Enjoy your vacation. You wouldn’t be as happy in a cabin as you are on the open road.

  2. elroyjones says:

    The vacation to work ratio is backward! Happy you relaxed. I cannot confirm that you were not on the internet in the wee hours, unless of course, your time stamp is fast!

  3. Daile says:

    Sounds like you had exactly the kind of holiday you needed to refresh and recharge. It is always a shame to go back to work and realise your holiday is but a mere memory. Good for you reading books instead of blogs! I have to say I too am guilty of spending far too much time on the internet.

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